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What's a good cable length for an MP3 player?

  1. c0reyl
    I just bought a cheap 3' cable to replace the Kevlar cable I had with my Crossfade LP and noticed something. Standard headphone cables seem too short for me most of the time. When I talked to some geeky guy about it while I was buying the cord, he said "oh yeah, 3 ft is way more than enough, think about how long a human torso is; maybe 2 and a half feet usually"
    Then it was too short just like I thought >_>
    Walking around, I constantly had it unplug from my headphones because the length of my pocket to my headphones is apparently longer than 3 ft at peak length when I walk around from movement. Is this because my body is seriously disproportionate (27 inch waist with a 42 inch chest, 6 ft tall and only 31 inch legs), or is 3 ft actually too short for a headphone cable for MP3 use? :xf_eek:
    I have no idea on this, and just thought to ask about it, because Iv'e always had this problem, lol.
  2. Mad Max
    3-4 feet should be good.  Perhaps 4 feet is what you specifically need.
  3. c0reyl
    3FT is probably 6 inches too short for me lol >_<
  4. Mad Max
    And a little headroom is good, so 4 feet length should be right for you.
  5. c0reyl
    Usually headphone cables for like beats or those type of removable headphones have 3 ft cables though right?
  6. Mad Max
    The replacement Beats cables are seven feet long from what I've seen.
  7. c0reyl
    didn't even know that :xf_eek:
    I keep hearing how much they break though so I wouln'dt get a monster cable. I'd probably order a replacement from Vmoda, or make my own if I can find good connectors, Radioshack has terrible supplies for my needs, for like anything. Seriously, the guy who works there HATES ME, because of how many times I've walked in and asked if they had things like a Toriodal transformer, or a cheap USB DAC with a decent S/N ratio, OTG USB host cable, or an MHL adapter, or a mini coax external antennae for my phone, or a replacement soldering iron for my solder station with the 4 pin temp control imput, or pretty much ANYTHING electronic I need.
    I mean..they don't even sell speaker drivers from like Dayton audio, Tang Band, Peerless or Seas... It's understandable to not have drivers like Focal, or Aurum Cantus..but I think every radioshack should have at least a few decent 3, 4, 5.25, 6, and 8 inch drivers and some silk and aluminum dome tweeters, and basic, but good crossovers at common crossover points laying around. I'm tired of **** I need only being on the internet which I hate, and don't trust because haf my Tigerirect and Newegg orders have been lost in the mail, which makes me not trust buying **** online at all. :/
    Which is exactly why I'd rather buy from you than online, not to mention I'd rather the money go to someone who knows what they're doing. :p
    4 feet should be the minimum.
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