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Whatever happened to the sound card market?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by smileywond3r, Nov 7, 2012.
  1. smileywond3r
    Ive been usnig my audigy 2 zs since 2004 and I believe that was when sound cards were booming.  Nowadays I see new pc's that are generally equipped with onboard sound.  Is onboard sound just as good?  Reason being I am looking for a new sound card because mine is simply too old now.  I also recently bought a pair of sony v6's.
    Anyone know a reasonably priced card below 50$?  The Audigy 2 ZS is great but I feel like I need an upgrade.
  2. ozz007
    I believe that card that you have is still pretty good, Yes they are better, but it depends on what you using it for.
    I just got the Sound Blaster Titanium HD for music and gaming I do a lot of gaming, but I also use it to listen to my music on my pc, 
    I know sound blaster is coming with a new line of cards but they are way more expensive that $50 and i don't think they are better than the HD titanium since they don't support hardware accelerated decoding, especially for gaming, a lot of the  new ones are more software emulated than hardware.
    so far I'm very happy with mine.
  3. smileywond3r
    How old is your sound blaster and does it work right out or do you gotta install drivers? Reason being my audigy 2 ZS has slim to no support anymore.  I fear that if I switch t windows 8 it wont work.  When I went from XP to 7, I lost a lot of functionality with it.  That is why I feel like I need to upgrade.
    Btw your card is way out of my budget lol.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Refurb Creative X-Fi Titanium (PCI-E) sound card, $49.99
  5. chinook9
    I have been considering a sound card for stereo music only (without spending much money), and I determined that the Asus Xonar cards are a good way to go.  The lower priced DS and DG models can be had for between $15 and $35.  One is 5.1 and the other is 7.1.  As far as I remember the cheaper DG model is better for stereo but I would recommend you check out the many reviews out there.
    I will order one of these in a couple of days, but I am in no rush because I usually take the digital audio from the PC and run it into the DAC of my headphone amp.
    Good luck!
  6. formula1
    This ^
    Asus have pretty good cards for the price, you have to choose depending on your uses. The DG is a good soundcard for headphone guys. 
  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Xonar DS & DSX, uses DTS only, not Dolby and does not have a headphone amplifier.
    DTS is good to have for playing Blu-ray disks.
    Xonar DG & DGX uses Dolby only, has basic head amp. and optical output is 2-channel only.

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