What would I gain from mixing with open back (DT 1990?) headphones?

  1. rredge
    I am increasingly involved in making videos for the web. These involve editing and mixing dialogue, sound effects and music.

    I use Focal monitors to do this. However, I also use closed back headphones when editing, especially when using iZotope RX, because it helps me focus on problems. Specifically, I use Sony MDR-7506s, and especially Beoplay H6s (1st generation) which I happen to like.

    For web distribution, especially at later stages as a check, I also go back and forth between the Focals and the closed back headphones, and indeed also listen through earphones and straight from iMac and smartphone speakers. At the end, I also listen to the sound when played back from the web before the video is made public.

    Now my question...

    What, if anything, am I likely to achieve if I add a set of open back headphones to this workflow?

    I’m thinking specifically of Beyerdynamic’s AT 1990.

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  2. rredge
    As Gilda Radner aka Emily Litella used to say, “Never mind”.

    I just ordered the AT 1990s. If someone can tell me how they might actually be useful, that would assuage the guilt. To be honest, I think that I’ve just purchased them because they look seriously cool/rad/sick. Pick your generational adjective.
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