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What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by peeradonn, May 16, 2010.
  1. peeradonn
    What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII Both is balance amp, one is tube and another is solid state. I will use it with my ED8 T1 and HD800 If you have to choose, which one will be the one you choose?
  2. TheWuss
    well.  one day when i'm fortunate enough to have some vacation time and can go to canjam, i'll listen to all those wonderful balanced amps.
    until then, i will just dream about it...  [​IMG]
  3. anetode
    You have an HE-5LE, which needs a lot of power. I'd go with the Woo, which I've owned and found to drive *any* headphone to whatever volume you desire. However you should try to audition a balanced amp/source first, since there's absolutely no guarantee that you will get a better sound than out of a single-ended setup.
  4. neptius
    It is not easy to compare them because they are very different products for different purposes. HD 800 or T1 with RP 010B for classical music, jazz or blues is absolutely best combination in the area of solids. Francis Lo (fkclo) from Hong Kong own both this amp and top tube amps so he can say you much more and detailed info. The review about RP 010B and HD 800 you can find here:
    This king of solids is simply the best one in market. Woo audio 22 is perfect balanced amp, but it need comparing with Balancing act or B-52. The investment to RP 010B is always perfect investment to excellent top high end solid amp, simply said. So when you have money for it, this Rudi top product is the true decision for you. When you want excellent hybrid, then B-52. When you want pure tube toy, then Balancing act or Woo audio 22. All depends how much you want invest to them. For solids, Rudistor RPX 300 is excellent amp too.
  5. neptius
    Resp. complete thread about HD 800 and amps for them:
  6. musicman59
    I own the RP010B MkII and I listen to the WA22 at CanJam in Chicago using my own recabled T1. IMO between those two I would take the RP010B. Now if you are talking about the WA5-LE then it is a much more difficult decision. Between then WA22 and the WA5-LE is a huge difference. Even that the WA22 is balanced and the WA5-LE is single ended the later is much more better. I actually fell in love with the sound of the WA5-LE to the point that I sold my Apache and ordered a fully upgraded WA5-LE that is shipping Monday.
    IMO now I will own one of the best Solid State Amps and also Tubes. I am done upgrading amplifiers now. 
  7. kboe
    I would personally go for the Rudistor.
  8. nikongod
    Woo Wa22
  9. moodyrn
    another vote for the woo
  10. neptius
    I think in first hand we need say that we compare eggs with apples, with pears ...  When we vote for same-type amps then it is ok, but for very different amps it is incorrect, it has no value for you. Rudistor RP 010B is king between solid amps, excellent amazing amp. Woo audo 22 is excellent balanced tube amp, which delivers you wonderful warm sound. I think it is better compare Woo audio 22 with Balancing act or B-52 then with Rudistor’s solid amp. This is my opinion. When you want top quality device, then the best idea is to have both Rudi and Woo audio tube amp (or other one). Then you have the greatest experience with headphones listening, you can compare, you can obtain different experiences during listening.
  11. musicman59
    I agree. That's why now my two main amps are the RP010B MkII and the Woo WA5-LE fully loaded. The best in two different flavors.

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