What Up with Audio Cubes???
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Nov 8, 2004

I ordered the ATH A500s on Tuesday from Audio Cubes. Next day I get an email telling me they've shipped complete with tracking #. Great!

But the tracking # doesn't track--no results. So I checked my bank to see if my card had been charged. No charge???

My experience with web orders is that nobody ships anything until they've been paid--the charge processed.

So I email Audio Cubes. The reply says, "we probably gave you the wrong tracking information." No further explanation. No info on when I get my cans.

What kind of people run this place? Is it a real business?

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Just got my MD33-s from them and the tracking number didn't work very well either and I am now thoroughly anti-usps as a result of their antics with audio cubes. The tracking works better through their website 'til it gets to the states and, even then, the chances are better that you will get them before the tracking catches up.
They sent me two sets of them btw, and haven't replied back to my e-mail asking if they want to fork over 10 bucks to get them shipped back. USPS is a lot cheaper overseas so I do sympathize with that route. Guess I get to break even on this purchase!
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Hmmm Audiocubes seems to be really wierd.
Either they work really well (like they did for me)
or you get the horror story experience.

They seem to be just a tad inconsistant
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USPS tracking numbers are practically worthless. The best you can expect is delivery confirmation being accurate.
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Originally Posted by errorich
USPS tracking numbers are practically worthless. The best you can expect is delivery confirmation being accurate.

USPS tracking is pretty useless most of the time for me, intl and domestic. According to tracking, my packages will be in "USPS was notified electronically by your sender to expect to pickup your package...updates are posted every evening..." for days at a time. It's just how it is. I get a lot of packages arriving at my door before there is even tracking information posted. Their TV commercials about accurate tracking are pretty much BS.

I once ordered from Audiocubes and accidentally paid by PayPal e-check instead of direct xfer...boy was that a mistake. It took 3 weeks for the echeck to clear, and 1.5 more weeks for USPS to ship across the pond from Jpn to San Francisco. - and yea I was able to track my acubes package the same day it was sent.
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I do a lot of shipping and these are my experiences.

If they use UPS or DHL and they may have sent you the tracking number immediately after they entered it in and it is technically not in the UPS system until it reaches a hub.

I know DHL's system is not that great and does not update that well.

USPS is even worse sometimes theres is no information at all.

I have had packages arrive even before I got tracking info. With DHL the tracking works like 50/50.
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Audiocubes is legit, but a bit disorganized. I've done a lot of business with them, and they've always addressed my concerns well, but they're not always very punctual about it. I think they've got some people in Japan and some in the US and there may be communication difficulties between them, so that may explain why they're inconsistent.

I wouldn't worry about doing business with them or putting money in their hands. I wouldn't always expect 100% prompt delivery though. Overall, they're a very good vendor by today's standards.
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Thanks for all the assurance that these people are for real.

I had another unsatisfactory exchange of emails with them.

For the second time their explanation is that they "may" have given me the wrong tracking number.

Meanwhile my bank assures me they have not yet paid Audio Cubes or anybody else the $$$ amount of my order. Audio Cubes ignored my mention of this in their response to my email.

The situation remains that neither EMS nor USPS have any record of the tracking #.

Hopefully at some point the cans will arrive--tracking # or no tracking #.
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yeah i had some weird audiocubes service too

i payed wiht paypal, but instead of just entering a credit card number on paypals site i logged in, which apparently disconnected the payment from my order resulting in some huge mess

it all worked out in the end though
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My experience with USPS tracking is that you MIGHT find out that the item has been delivered... after it's been delivered. Basically, wait a couple days. USPS tracking is nowhere near as responsive as those of Fedex and UPS. Sometimes items won't show up for a week.
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it took 5 business days for my a700 to arrive (ordered sunday, received friday). tracking was useless. it was more of a "delivery confirmation" -- i got an email shortly after the package arrived.
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The tracking worked for me
And their service was awesome.
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Four days from hitting the order button (in Boston, MA) to delivery (from Japan).

I received a quick email about tracking, and the tracking worked great, although the delivery was faster than the tracking record.

My experience with Audio Cubes is one big mega thumbs up. I'll most definately buy from them again, well, that is in a decade when upgrade-itus hits.
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I ordered quite a few CD/DVD from Hong Kong, usually shipped by DHL (USPS). Mailman told me, for security reason, after delivery, they hand in their scan gun, and someone with higer security clearence put data into system. Even funnier, let say, a package is from HK - Portland - Kansas - New York; if Portland forgot to put data in, even Kansas, New York did, your tracking number will not show up. Thus why track staus always lags a few days.

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