What to use, Fast Track pro, onboard audio, audio soundcard or bluetooth?
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Aug 2, 2013
Hello guys, i`m posting here since i have very few posts so far and can`t post a new thread in the computer audio area.
I`m using a M-audio Fast Track USB (the older model) to play guitar with guitar rig, and then just let is configured and use it to listen music, , watch movies, etc.
This is my setup.
Players: Foobar2000 / Daum player
Motherboard / onboard audio: Asus B85M-G - Realtek® ALC887-VD2 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC.
External audio soundcard: Fast Track USB.
Amp: BC Acoustique EX222 (With bluetooth).
Speakers: Monitor audio MR1.
Headphones: Grado SR60.
I don`t know if using the Fast Trak USB to listen to music and watch movies i`m having the best quality (audio goes digital from the computer via USB to the Fast Track, from there goes by RCA to the RCA Aux input on the amp.
Other options are, putting a blutooth dongle so the convertion to digital is made from the amp, i could put a audio soundcard (i dont see the motherboard having digital output, only hdmi, but the amp doesn`t.
Well, i`m not expert at all in audio, so any comments will be welcomed.
Sorry if i`m not clear enough, english it`s not my fisrt language.


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