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What to see in HK??

  1. _Wes
    I'm heading on a vacay from US to Hong Kong.....and very interested to see lots while we are there.

    What should we not miss? And great hi-fi places to check out?

    Thanks in advance! :)
  2. jmills8
    Pretty much shopping and watching how crowded it is. Thats it.
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  3. Roen
    I just came back from HK.

    I will say this, the IEM game is strong in Asia. Just walking on the street, you notice things other than just beats. Some malls will have high end hi-fi stores, I just don't recall them off the top of my head.

    Get your cheap shopping at the out of the way, grungy, cramped shopping centres that don't look new. The goods in the posh ones are about the same price as North America.

    If you like bespoke / made-to-measure suits, Hong Kong has a lot of tailors, and the lower-end to mid-grade suits can be made in less than 5 days from first fitting to picking up the completed garment.

    Street food is cheap and plentiful, if that fits your palette.

    Fish balls are a lot bouncier than here in North America.

    LKF near Central is the bar spot.

    Use MTR / Bus / Tram to get everywhere. Get yourself an Octopus card. See if your hotel has free shuttles. We used the free shuttle option a ton.
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  4. _Wes
    Excellent points, thank you!
    Yes, we do love food, so hoping to get lots of treats that way. Interesting about the tailors, hadn't thought of that, but a great idea.
    No worries on shuttles, staying with the daughter.

    Thank you - exactly what I'm looking for! :)
  5. Roen


    I would say, if you want to do one of these cheaper suits, understand the timelines that the tailor needs to produce your custom made suit and see if it works with your timeframes. I had a suit made from two mid-grade shops and both were done in 4 days. I quite like them, one more than the other though.
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  6. wink
    upload_2017-10-18_14-1-54.jpeg ... upload_2017-10-18_14-2-7.jpeg
  7. jmills8
    Ha Disneyland for a tourist to Asia is like being in Egypt eating a Pizza.
  8. wink
    You got it...... :ksc75smile:
  9. kellychan
  10. Roen
    I will edit this by saying, unless you are there for a long period of time, don't get the cheap suit, unless you're spending less than 1000 HKD.
  11. Spareribs
    I really want to go to Hong Kong because of the food. Huge fan of the chicken feet. And of course, the famous noodle soups. So yeah, Hong Kong is on my list!
  12. spacellardoor5
    There's some protests going on that are straight up fire.

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