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What to listen for with new cables?

  1. markt1600
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a proud owner of a new copper Kimber Axios cable that pairs when my Focal Stellias.

    Love the boxing, build quality and overall experience of using these cables. I have never seen cables braided so beautifully and they are a joy to look at and to hold. But (and I hope this doesn't ruffle any feathers), I'm not entirely sure I can detect an audible difference with using these cables.

    I should preface this by saying that I don't think I have particularly "golden ears". I can barely discern the difference between many DACs and after adjusting for volume and power, even between amps of equivalent quality.

    If I train myself to listen, in a quiet listening environment and with concentration, I can discern subtle differences IF I know what to look for and this is rewarding for me. For everyday listening, even if I am not paying 100% attention and listening critically, it's nice to know that those subtle details are there if I were to look for them.

    My question is for high end cables (going from stock cables that are already of pretty decent quality), what should I be listening for?
  2. Happy Camper
    Your conscience.
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  3. Zenvota
    high level signal cables are the most difficult to discern differences between due to amplified signals are for the most part immune to rfi/emi, the cable can't perform any common/traverse mode noise reduction, and any half decent cable of normal length shouldnt have a great effect on impedance or resistance for most transducers.

    Even with low level signal and power cables I generally cant hear a difference until every other form of noise is eliminated.

    Usually the most noticeable characterisitics would be transparency in higher frequencies(better imaging and more natural sounding) and definition in lower frequencies(less boomy).
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  4. SP1000_WOW

    I recently purchased a Danacable Nirvana cable and it transformed the SQ of my Astell-Kern SP1000 (using the 2.5mm balance) versus a custom $450 cable and the stock Utopia cable. In fact, my Denon AVR-5800X headphone jack even sounds like a Hi-Res player with Nirvana!!!!

    I tested Chord TT2+MScaler to see if I can get a $5K SQ upgrade over my SP1000+Nirvana, but I could not really hear much difference after 1 hour.

    I recommend you to demo it and YOU WILL HEAR A DIFFERENCE unless you have a high end cable already. It's very expensive but worth every cent for me. (heh heh....It saved me from spending $10K for the TT2+MScaler!)
  5. bvng3540
    Between stock and high end cable there not much differences in improvement in sound, there may be 2 to 3 percent of people on here can tell the differences and most of them are people that do reviews
  6. SP1000_WOW
    I can only share my experience with Danacable Nirvana and stock Utopia on SP1000. The difference is as clear as night and day. Let me know how you feel when you do an A/B with Nirvana. Danacable has a 30 day money back guarantee. Try it and let us know as compared to your stock cable..... Make sure you have the budget to keep it as you will want to :)
  7. bvng3540
    I dont have headphones, all mine are iems, but I do owned iems cables ranging from 500 to 3000, some do improve in sound but not 3000 in improvement, I like it because of how pretty it looks :ksc75smile:
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  8. Happy Camper
    Usually the clarity is better.
  9. bluenight
    More calm mature sound and natural. It should not be to bright yet have all the details and not be veiled. Should be well articulate with vocals. Bass and dynamic should not be lacking. Transparent.

    I hear all this with my Tellurium Q Silver Diamond 1m rca cable i am auditioning at the moment. Connected from my streamer to Lake People RS 02 HP amp - HD800S. This is by far the best and most expensive cable i have tried. I was never satisfied with the cheaper cables i have tried before. They where around $516 or below. This is a well reviewed cable also.

    Lyrics that was muddy before i now here almost every word. Tracks that was bright now sound smoother with less sibilance and not fatiguing anymore. I here new details.

    I have heard the difference between all cabels i have tried around 5 different ones. I have posted them in my profile page.

    If you dont here the difference maybe your system isent resolving/transparent enough. I think HD800S is a very transparent and resolving HP so might be one on the reasons and Transparent enough amp and source.

    Analogue Cables have around 150 hours of burn in time also. In the beggining they can sound brighter and calm down after burn in. I even heard the transformation with the atlas hypper dd ultra rca cable bright and sibilant in the beggining and then after 2 weeks when playing non stop from radio station from streamer it settled down and then sounded more pleasent less bright.


    This is a demo cable on loan i will send it back after 2 weeks and after i will have a listen to the atlas mavros rca with grun cables and decide which to buy. End of cable journey. Almost, only ethernet cable uppgrade left.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019

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