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What to expect from a £30 price difference?

  1. greendream
    In my quest for some good portable closed back headphones I found two intriguing Audio-Technica models... There's the ATH-FC700 (~£50) and the ATH-ES55BK (~£80).
    Now both are closed, and both are well reviewed (although, interestingly, it's harder to find the ES55 for sale?), so now I am unsure of which is going to serve me best. The question, though, is for the extra £30 can I expect £30 worth of improvement? Or just difference?
    And this doesn't specifically apply to the 2 sets outlined here, I wonder, in general, if the extra price of a more expensive headset (ignoring the ones where half the money pays for the designers, e.g. skullcandy, wesc) is proportional to the improved sound?
    So to sum it up super-succinctly; in the headphone market, do you REALLY get what you pay for?
  2. LegendaryLvl1

     though, is for the extra £30 can I expect £30 worth of improvement?
    This is definitely subjective. 
    A 30 pound difference in price will usually mean a different approach the IEM takes (as opposed to the other IEM).

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