What to expect comparing my NuForce HDP to a portable like the Fiio X3 or X5
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Jul 12, 2012
Hi, I've been a member several years but either my web browser [or forum policies?] meant I couldn't start this thread elsewhere on the site?
Anyhow, I own a Nuforce Icon HDP plus some Senn HD650's and some Etymotic ER-4's. The limitation of the HDP for me is lack of easy 192/24 FLAC [I don't want to spend $$$ on a convertor, SPDIF cable etc] and DSD support, as well as a practical consideration, i.e. lack of pocket portability. 
So, consequently I've been thinking of trying a Fiio X3, maybe X5, perhaps even a Pono. The better AK's not in my budget nor cost-effective for time available
Have any other members gone down this path - particularly comparing the HDP [which I believe was quite popular], and several years later, now thinking of some of the better portable alternatives?
Or, is there some fairly objective proof pieces out there that I might be wasting my time, e.g. if I'm to believe Nuforce's marketing circa 2012, the HDP had performance rivaling alternatives costing 2-4x, so to expect something better after ~ 2 years of 'moore's law' might even be unreasonable? 
(Swapping out or increasing my headphone inventory not an option, so whatever portable 'wins' if at all, needs to pair nicely with my 650 & ER-4's )
Thanks for your thoughts !

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