what to buy with a Sony discount?
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Jun 27, 2002
So let's say I can buy stuff from Sony for wholesale. Can anyone make any recommendations for audiophile components (including headphones) that I should be considering? I have a pair of V700DJs that I use with my turntables and I do know enough to have a pair of Grado 225s with a Airhead amp.

Some have recommended the V6/7506. Others the CD3000.

I'd also love recommendations on good source components too although it sounds like Sony doesnt make good PCDPs anymore.

Thanks in advance,

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OK, I gotta ask it. Can you get a wholesale price on the MDR-R10?
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That's too bad. Some people like the CD3000 better than the HD600, so maybe that would be a good one. V6/7506 is fairly safe, but it strikes me as more of a beginner's phone.. You've already got a couple phones. If you like the SR225 than I don't know if would be worth it unless it really is a lot cheaper for you. (BTW, how does one get Sony phones wholesale?)
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Have you considered getting something like a sacd player for playing cds and sacds??

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