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what to buy next?

  1. LJH01
    Hello All, Newbie here but I have been enjoying my REO's a lot but have the itch to spend some more money.  I love how the REO's are so precise but they sound a little cold to me and lack bass to a certain extent, though they are better now that I am using EQX and a E1 amp on my Iphone 4.  I bought my wife a set of Klipsh S4's for her birthday and while I would never give up the precision of the REO's the S4's do have a bit more bass though it sounds muddy to me.  So my question is do i buy a set of IE7's on sale ($120), they seem to get very nice reviews....but am i stepping up at all...or do i save my money and buy a set of Westone 3's.  As for the music I like, it is hard to pin down, I listen to a lot of Dead, but then I listen to classical guitar, some ambient type music so I am all over the spectrum and I guess it is easier to say that I do not listen to opera, heavy metal or rap..
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.
  2. yanks1234
    I would suggest you look into the dba-02. I personally feel the dba's are a nice upgrade from the re0s.
  3. bisayaboi
    DBA-02 are quite a nice upgrade from the RE0 considering you believe that's your favorite sound signature.
    The IE7 seems to be more of a sidestep than an upgrade from RE0. You get better soundstage and overall more balanced sound than the RE0 from the IE7. However the RE0 probably still does better in the treble.
    A little more information would be nice. What kind of sound prefer and what genres do you like to listen to? How much do you care about comfort, build, and isolation?
  4. germanturkey
    ambient and classical guitar points you to ck10.  they're one of the best.  
  5. yello131
    Ortofon e-Q5, Radius DDM, Depending on your budget.
  6. LJH01
    Hey Guys,
    Thanks for all the info, As I mentioned I am all over the road when it comes to my musical tastes.  I think it is easier to say that I don't listen to Rap, Opera, Hip-Hop, or country.....I do like rock artists that include the Greatful Dead, CSN, Stones, The Who, then I get into Reggae, classical guitar, Ambient/light trance.  As you can see I listen to a wide spectrum of music.
    As for the type of sound I like, I am totally newbie to this IEM stuff and have listened to exactly three sets of headphones, the stock Apple Buds, My REO's, and a bit of time with my wifes S4's (I have not spent much time with them since she has put some play time on them). I can say that I am pretty impressed with the REO's for their overall sound quality except for the bass.  While I do not consider myself one who is really into bass I do feel it is slightly lacking in the REO's, though as mentioned my cheap little E1 Amp and EQX has gone a long way in sorting that.  I guess the real problem is that I am not really sure what I like yet...that was a big help LOL.  I will say that I love the clarity and cleanliness of the REO's...something I found the S4's lacking in.
    As for build quality, comfort and isolation I can say I am a stickler for high quality things. Heck, I sell sailboat hardware and one of our lines is aimed at the VERY Grand Prix market.  Our product is anywhere from 20-50% more expensive than our competitors and it does the same job but I just love pointing out why our hardware is better than the competitors.  I love being able to point out the tiny details that make our block "better" but they also add to the cost of our product....with that being said I work in the marine trade and do not make all that much money so I like my value as well.  As for comfort, I find the REO's with the medium black tips to be very comfortable and can wear them for hours at a time with no irritation, and I find the isolation of the REO's to be fine as well.
    I just looked at the products that have been recommended and did a bunch of reading, I really like the looks and reviews of the Ortofon's and the Raduis DDM's get great reviews as well but they are  a bit funky looking.  I am not sure the CK10's are for me after reading the reviews.  The DBA's also seem to get great reviews and are pretty cool looking.  I know I mentioned looks and while I am a form follows function kind of guys I like looking at these things as well.
    One last question....are there any US dealers for the e-Q5 and DBA-02's?

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