What tips do you use with your Triple.fi?
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May 13, 2009
As stated in topic, what tips do you prefer for your Triple.fi? I've tried original ones, Comply and clear ones from Shure I suppose. Suprisingly, I find white bi-flanges from Head-Direct the best
What do you think about it?
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I used the UE double.
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Went around the tip carousel a few times, lol....

Really liked the Shure E2c clear tips, but a bit uncomfortable. Good bass & preserved treble. The black silicon were good too.

Shure olives - great comfort, but closed treble down a little. Still one of the great tips of all time tho. Got a bit bored with recoring, wish Shure wouild realise their potential as a pure standalone tip & make them in different bore sizes. They'd sell like hot cakes.

Complys T400 -didn't fit/seal but comfortable. Fell apart & looked gross after a couple of wears. Have not tried the T500 yet - they're sitting here feeling ignored. If what I hear about the effect on treble is true, they'll be up for rehoming tut suite...

Can't stand flanges (itch!!!), & UE foams are good only for the core (to put in olives).

Currently using Phonak PFE grey silicon - excellent tip, easy to seal, great sound. Like them a lot.
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I use some AT tips I found in Japan which are one size smaller than the smallest UE tips.
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What do they look like?[/QUOTE]

Imagine UE made a size smaller than their smallest single-flange tip and you've got it exactly.
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I use none because my cable just broke today lol

But Comply's were pretty great to bring treble down for make the overall sound more non-fatigue but they don’t last forever.
Also last I did, medium Shure olives worked quiet well directly on the stem. I am sure you can find several mods about these around here.
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Firstly I used Complies T500, then medium silicons. Now I use doubles and they are "the thing"
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Originally Posted by Currawong /img/forum/go_quote.gif
What do they look like?

Imagine UE made a size smaller than their smallest single-flange tip and you've got it exactly.[/QUOTE]

You gotta have earholes like pinholes to fit that!

Since T500s fit the Triple.fi, I'll assume the stem is the same as that of the SF3.

Currently using UE biflanges. Isolation is significantly better than singles, but harder to fit/stay in your ear. Needs wiggling. Too lazy to do sound testing, but I'll assume it improves bass. The singles didn't really cut it for me after I wiggled the biflanges in.

Getting a set of Shure black foams tomorrow. I hope they'll be even better. I might not even go back to silicone.

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