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What the $^&# heck is it?.........iFi iEMatch!

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  1. iFi Launch Competition

    What the $^&# heck is it?



    It has been a while since we had a launch competition. As we know you all like iFi competitions, we are hereby hosting another!


    This time, it is very simple:


    1) What is this new product? Where is it used?

    2) What is the first button for – the one on the main barrel (on the left)?

    3) What is the second button for – the one on the 3.5mm connector (on the right)?




    10 of the above brand new products to 10 lucky winners


    And there will be one further mystery prize to the 1st name out of the hat.



    The rules are simple:

    1. Each Head-Fi member is allowed to guess as MANY TIMES as he/she so wishes; each new and correct answer will count as one additional entry
    2. The competition closes on 8th August 2016



    Among the staff at iFi and along with ‘Skin’ the head of skunkworks, we shall draw out of a hat, 10 lucky winners





    Their decision is final!


    The winners will be announced one week or so later.


    Hope you have as much fun with this competition as playing Pokemon Go!


    Questions? - just ask!



    (Note: This is not open to staff or friends as that is not fair!)
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  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    A couple of guesses by me...:
    1) It's a cable/adapter cable. It is used in audio applications (source device -> headphone).
    2) Switching between Apple and Android remote standard? Crossfeed on/off? Bass boost on/off?
    3) Switching between balanced and microphone cable use? Switching between balanced and single-ended connection? No impedance/added impedance switch? Crossfeed on/off? Bass boost on/off? Crossfeed intensity? Switching between Apple and Android remote standard?
  3. glassmonkey
    First guess:
    1. It's a portable headphone amplifier
    2. The first switch is a gain setting
    3. The second switch turns the mic on or off
    Edited: I flipped my answers, because I was thinking source to headphone, i.e. direction of current.
  4. bocosb
    I would say:
    1) What is this new product? Where is it used?:  Amplifier for mobile phones / maybe with included microphone
    2) What is the first button for – the one on the main barrel (on the left)?: Gain switch / mic on/off
    3) What is the second button for – the one on the 3.5mm connector (on the right)?:  Android/Apple switch
  5. XVortex
    1) looks like a impedance adapter for headphones. Used for connecting low imp headphones to powerful dac/amp.
    2) left switch for impedance selection resistors.
    3) right for balanced/se mode or answer button mode.
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    1. Teensy-weensy AMP

    2. Either bass boost or 3D

    3. Gain selector
  7. rafaelpernil
    1) It is a power attenuator for iems (Portable iEMatch?)
    2) It changes the gain (i.e dBs of attenuation)
    3) It lets you choose between balanced and single ended mode.
    Thanks for the competition and good luck to everyone [​IMG]
  8. Duke40
    1)     iPurifier to improve or clean analogue output from a mobile device to IEMs/Headphones
    2)     On/Off for “3D HolographicSound® system for Headphones"
    3)     On/Off for “XBass"
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  9. Duke40
    1)     Super duper tiny Amp for IEM’s/Heaphones connected to mobile devices
    2)     Balanced/Single Ended switch
    3)     High/Low for Gain/Impedance switch
  10. Duke40
    1)     Some sort of Buffer to re-equalise a mobile devices analogue output, placed between mobile device and IEMs/Headphones
    2)     Balanced/Single Ended switch
    3)     High/Low for Gain/Impedance switch
  11. Aerosphere
    1) BAL to SE, SE to BAL adapter (No astell kern support)
    2) impedance switch preferably bass boost?
    3) SE&BAL switch

    Edit reason: Format
  12. Aegruin
    1) 3.5mm 4-pin Balanced to 3-pin(also 4-pin) adapter. Makes balanced's sound in non-balanced cable and it's an impedance plug.
    2) Balanced or non-balanced swith.
    3) Tempers with the impedance
  13. tjw321
    1) An adapter to convert any headphone to active noise cancelling.
    2) Turning off the NC.
    3) I've no idea.
    Actually, I think someone else already has the correct answer. I just wanted to come up with a different guess...
  14. rafaelpernil
    Second guess:
    1. Single Ended/Balanced converter.
    2. SE/Balanced input
    3. SE/Balanced output
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    Following the most common belief of what the product is, I want to follow up with a 2nd post of what it could be:
    1) A tiny headphone amplifier that is built into this 90° cable adapter. What I just said and/or a cable/device that will also allow for in-line cable remote commands to be passed through.
    2) Power on/off. Gain selector. Bass boost (xBass) on/off. Crossfeed (3D) on/off.
    3) Charging on/off. Gain selector. Bass boost (xBass) on/off. Crossfeed (3D) on/off. Selector between CTIA and OMTP pin layout (Apple/Android).
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