What social networks do you use most?
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Aug 16, 2002
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Not too long ago MySpace was the social network. It was by far the largest general-interest social network out there. But since then quite a few competitors have sprung up or expanded dramatically. Which ones do you use the most, and why? I tried to list the largest general-interest ones specifically. If it's a general-interest community but isn't listed, select "Other (Not Listed)". Ones that cater to a more specific group, like VampireFreaks (goth), LinkedIn (business networking), Last.FM (music), and Connexion (GLBT) should go under "Other (Special Interest)". And Twitter doesn't count for this poll

For me, Facebook, MySpace, and Connexion are the ones I use most. I used to use MySpace the most and still use it to keep track of bands but for connecting and keeping up with friends and acquaintances it just hasn't kept up with competitors. Which is why I use Facebook more than MySpace now. My most-used social network overall is Connexion. It is a Denver-based site that caters to the GLBT community. It is a bit behind the times as far as status updates, photo albums (just got added this year!), and instant messaging (ancient Adobe Flash-based system) go, but has a good events feature and also a rudimentary, but popular, discussion forum. It also has had mobile versions of the site for years, before MySpace and Facebook, and their iPhone site offers nearly all the same functionality as their desktop site and also takes advantage of the location features of Mobile Safari. Facebook is offering some stiff competition to them, though, and I find my Facebook friends list is growing faster and faster and I am spending an increasing amount of time on there. Facebook's superior photo, instant messaging, and status update features, as well as its more general audience, are a large part of that.
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Kirosia has no friends, and only uses social networks for entering electronics giveaways.
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Email, phone calls and meeting in person are all I need to keep up with the people I want to keep up with.

All the social networks seem good for is harvesting personal information to sell to marketers. No thanks.
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I use Facebook for actual social networking, I use MySpace to keep up with bands that I like, and I use Twitter to stay updated on everything else. In fact, I don't even watch/read the news anymore because Twitter covers everything I need/care about.
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Never heard of Orkut or Bebo...
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Originally Posted by uberburger101 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Facebook and Last.FM

Last.FM is a social network?

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