What should I get?
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Sep 9, 2007
Okay, my OK3 earbuds died not too long ago and are finally out of warranty. I am looking at possible replacement options and here are the things I have come up with.

1. buy new pair of ok3's
2. mod my G2A Yuin's to over the head headphones and buy a portable amp and ipod LOD for touch 2nd gen
3. buy Sennheiser HD 555's or used 595's and plan on getting a portable amp in the months to come if the headphones don't seem to drive well.

I like to listen to lots of rock and pop music, but really my musical tastes cover all genre's. I like having detail in my instrumental songs, and non muddy bass in other things. Right now I do not have anything decent to drive my G2A's, and I am assuming this and maybe lack of burn in is why the bass on some songs sounds muddy, drowns out the vocals of singers, and just makes some songs sound horrible, because on my OK3's they all sounded great. If I get the HD 555 or 595 I'll probably test it out of my ONKYO surroud sound receiver by sending linear pcm audio straight to it through my creative x-fi usb sound card's optical out. I think the receiver can decode inear pcm and if I can set it up that way that is probably the best way to test those headphones. MY G2A's don't have the larger plug and I don't have an adapter to plug them in and test, so my best options for testing those at the moment are my laptop and my ipod touch.

So what do you guys recommend? does anyone know of anywhere in VT that i could maybe go to listen to the Senn's before purchasing and see how they sound? Are there any other headphones you recommend that are full ones? I like the senn's for the mix of quality and style, but am open to other opinions, and i do think I want open headphones.

Also people say you can mod the 555's into the 595's but the 555's according to sennheiser's specs have a lower min and max khz range, this doesn't matter on the ipod as it won't cover those ranges anyway, but also the THD is <.2% on the 555's and <.1% on the 595's so isn't there some difference that might be noticeable? I know you want to aim for .08% or less on surround sound receivers for THD, though .03/.05/.08% there really isn't supposedly a real difference between those values. If anyone can go over some official consensus or information on this I would love to hear it.

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