What should I be looking for?
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Feb 21, 2013
First of all, let me start with an apology before things get snarky. Though I love this forum, I've become inactive because I simply don't have pockets deep enough to participate at the "hi-fi" level I'd like. I'm decidedly relegated to "mid-fi" by forum standards and even that's a stretch. Also, at present I'm involved in a writing project and just don't have time to research a new set of headphones properly.
Currently I'm looking for a replacement for my well loved Sony MDRV6 pair which seem to have gone ahem... missing. I may well end up with an identical pair but thought I'd take a look around before trekking to Guitar Center. What I'm looking for is a rugged, over ear, closed pair that can be used in coffee houses and such while writing. At home I very much enjoy the sound signature of my ATH-900x, but I consider them fragile and of course they are open. Presently I'm using my ATH-ESW9. A much "warmer" sound that I find less fatiguing for long listening sessions. Unfortunately, the on ear design becomes tiring long before the sound. Also, the headphones themselves seem solid enough but the flimsy cord kind of bugs me. I want the freedom to be able to plug the phones straight into my MacBook, but will most often be using my HeadAmp Pico DAC/Amp or perhaps a Dragonfly 1.2 for power.
I'm wanting to spend less than $200 and I'm looking around the for sale forum which I've used before with great success. Currently I'm eyeing a pair of Sony MDR-1A and NAD HP50 -- the latter slightly above my $200 but ain't that the way this all goes? Anyway, from what I say here, am I on the right track or way off base? Any other particular recommendations I should be on the look out for?
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The NAD HP50 sounds like a good match for you, except for its higher price. It's on the warm side
and enjoyable sound you can listen to at length without fatigue.  I have these but for me the headband has just never been all that comfortable on my head.
The ATH M50X is also in your price range and it has a stronger seal (at least on my head) and therefore
somewhat better isolation compared to the NADs.
For more bass, you might also look at the V-MODA Crossfade M-100.  
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Thanks for the input. What about the Brainwavz HM5? I just ran across them. They seem to have glowing reviews and would be MUCH cheaper.
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Yes those look like a good possibility and they get good reviews, though I've simply never had the opportunity to hear them.  

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