what sacrfices have u done to purchase ur favorite headphones???
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got me some insurance money from my accident. car was sposed to be fixed but i figured it can wait
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Since headphones are a second priority under photography, I just wait and save money for the things I want. I've gone head over heels for the best photography gear, but for headphones, I (try to) take it easy, and I think I've done pretty good. As of yet I haven't had to do anything major for an audio related purchase.
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Why, I sacrificed a fatted calf, of course!
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hummm......you just gave me an idea Mrvile. I have spent gobs of money on computers and animation gear, and have been able to use them as deductions for taxes. I should probably be looking at reasons for deducting some of my audio gear!!!! Self employment can be sweet
OK, not really, because I have to keep track of all my deductions just so that I get taxed the same percentage as someone who's employed.
Crazy U.S. tax laws!!!
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I never (and I mean NEVER) go out and eat. If anything we order take out every other month. I brown bag all my lunches. My most expensive pair of shoes was ~$30, I buy whatever shoes I can get cheap and make them last. My wife knitted and sold scarfs last year to fund an RS1 purchase.
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I paid my rent a week late because I had purchased these Triple.Fis and didn't have all the loot I needed. The Tri.Fis were a rather unexpected deliverance anyway; that all went down somewhat awkwardly.

I hope my apt. manager isn't reading this. He is an audiophile, too... but he has a rather nice set-up in his 1-bedroom: $50,000 Wilson Audio speaker/two 14-tubed amps/disgusting amount of cables.

But I'm sure he would understand one's audiophile needs come before rent...
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Originally Posted by khbaur330162 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Niiiiiice. Fasting is always a good option.

I didn't so much make a "purchase," but for my exotic headphone fix I sacrificed all the peach fuzz hair within my ear canals.
Dang it was paintful.

For my CD3K's? Morals and dignity...
"Dignity?" Have you seen the pictures of me inside them? I look ridiculous. "Morals?" My parents still don't know how much those things set me back...

...and god bless 'em, they never will!
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Originally Posted by 003 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I got a really nice price on my left kidney, and now I am trying to sell one of my lungs.

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gay p**n....
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