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What pisses you off while you listening music?

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  1. Lorspeaker
    ya...he beateth me ot ti oot  !!
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  2. xkonfuzed
    Most annoying thing is when I'm listening to music with an open back headphone and there's a background noise. Once you take notice of that background noise, you can't unhear it and it makes music so hard to enjoy !!
  3. Danpyre
    I bought the Q701's thinking, "Oh, I'll be home.  There probably won't be that much background noise."
    Little did I know, that my dad decided to buy this huge, gigantic TV for some reason.
    I can hear the WORDS from my room, while listening to music, on CLOSED HEADPHONES!!!
    That really pisses me off.
  4. Arttt
    Pppssssst? There's headphones with NC function. Like Harman Kardon NC for example, with such ho you won't hear your dads big scary tv even if you was sitting right next to it...
  5. Danpyre
    Well, I'm trying to produce music, and NC headphones aren't exactly good for the job.
  6. Lorspeaker
    buy a denon headfone for your dad...ask him to plug it into the tv. :p
  7. Danpyre
    Sadly, I don't think he'll like it.  I guess I'll just find my own time to make moosic when he's not there, and I'm there and I don't have to look after the dog.
    So basically, 10:00.
  8. BirdManOfCT
    Static. When I first got my tube amp, it was picking up the cellphone and occasionally would make a low-level buzz. I only have so much room to play with. I moved things around and it was better. A couple weeks later, maybe the tubes burned in or something changed on the phone, but no more "random" buzzes.
  9. thatBeatsguy
    My dad's music. He blasts it through his speaker system whenever he's home and we're all awake. And he plays crappy top 40s hits, too -- that is, until my mom loses it and takes control of the source player.
    But yeah, otherwise, it's loud enough that I could hear it through my IEMs. IEMs, I tell you. 
  10. Danpyre
    What is he doing to his hearing?
  11. thatBeatsguy
    Uh, to be really honest, it's not deafeningly loud. That, and I often listen to music in the living room, just a few feet away from the speakers.
  12. Danpyre
  13. thatBeatsguy
  14. BirdManOfCT
    LOL. Too funny! Don't know what else to say, but wish you the best of luck with that and hope you can still enjoy your music. [​IMG]
  15. fabian005
    I hate when I take my player with me to school and I am there all day or wherever I decide to spend the day and my battery on my DAP reads full but three or four hous in it dies and I still have plenty of me time left with no way to charge my player! Suddenly I now have no music anymore.
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