What Phones for Rio Riot?
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Apr 14, 2002
I just got my Rio Riot ($399 portable MP3 player with 20GB of memory) three days ago, and I'm guessing I should be upgrading the headphones that came with them? I don't have a set0 budget for them, and I can afford the semi-expensive models (like the ones around $150), but if possible, I'd like to spend a low amount of money and still get nice cans. Comfort is really important, and so is style, to a lesser extent.

Headphones I've Seen
Sennheiser HD 497 - $60 - Silver! Plus reviews said they sounded nice.
Koss KSC 55 - $20 - Wow, super cheap *and* behind-the-neck.
Grado SR60 - $50 - People said the sound is good...but it's kinda ugly.
Etymotic ER6 - $130 - I heard a few people raving about this...are these really THAT good? I mean...$130!
Sennheiser MX-500 - $18 - Super cheap and the earbud format seems...interesting.

Those are what I've gathered as pretty good candidates from other people speaking and reviews. I'm not really sure which one from the list to buy though (or maybe one that's not even on the list), any suggestions?
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Jun 26, 2001
Welcome to HeadFi MagicBoy.

All the phones you listed are good. Your choice will depend on your personal tastes in sound reproduction and comfort. It also depends on the environment the phones will be used in, i.e. noisy (in this case you need isolation) or quiet. The best thing is to audition at least some of the phones and decide for yourself. You´ll get even more recomendations from people around here (team V6, DT250, HD280 888 jumping in) but at the end, trust noone but your ears.

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