What 'phones / DAP do you work out with?
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Sep 26, 2002
I'm particularly interested in activies such as running, cycling, etc. I've used MiniDisc for years, the iHP-100 for a number of months, and recently picked up an iPod Mini to try out the iPod flavor.

At home and sometimes on the go I use the Sony D66 for listening and enjoy them. They perform well with the iPod thus far. My problem comes when I head to the gym. I've been using the Sony EX71 buds for a while now and generally, though these are really budget, mediocre phones, they seem to do the job at the gym with MD (Sharp DS8). They don't sound too harsh and provide enough bass for the music I listen to-- usually electronic, like Eurodance/Trance or Kpop/Jpop. This music even sounds listenable with the iHP-100 on certain EQ settings and the EX71.

Then I give the same music a try on the iPod (same Lame mp3s I was listening to on the iHP) and it just sounds really harsh, esp. the highs and mids. Bass is a bit lacking as well (I love a driving beat in electronic music for cardio workouts).

I'd love to work-out with the iPod, but the EX71 just can't cut it-- they really don't sound good with the iPod, and I'm fairly sure it's because they're just not very good phones.

From what I read on here, the next steps up from these phones will be the Shure E2c, the ER6 or even the E3. However, microphonics seem to be a problem with these phones when doing something active. So I'm left to wonder, what does everyone else use while exercising that enjoys the same type of music?

(edit: note-- on the iPod mini I've left the EQ off and it sounds great with other headphones this way. Trying different EQ settings while working out, I didn't find any that improved the situation.)

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