What part do you listen to the most?
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Dec 7, 2005
i realized that when i listen to music i usually find myself paying attention to certain parts. and then i realized that i pay attention to the drums most of the time.

so my question is: when you listen to music, do you listen to certain parts of it? or all parts of it at once?

if you do listen to certain parts, what parts do you find yourself listening to the most?
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guitars and drums for me unless any of the following are singing:

Johnny Cash
Malford Milligan
Bruce Dickinson
Joe Cocker
Bob Seger
Steven Tyler
Junior Brown
Wylon Jennings
Freddy Mercury
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The beginning. Because I always get interrupted, and have to start the track over.
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counter-melody. I can't really explain that well, though, so i won't try
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Whole thing, definitely. I do pick out certain flourishes but the music is meant to be heard together. I don't focus on a particular part unless a solo or riff (on any instrument) brings itself to the forefront.
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Because I studied the oboe as a student, I always hear the oboe part. (Either from memory because I've played it, or I just focus on it)

Trouble is, it's not always the melody.

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with classical, i listen to the counterpoint; the different musical lines and how they interact. then rhythm, then melody. it depends, of course.

with rock it lead and rhythm guitars, voices, drums, bass, and lastly lyrics, in that order.
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Harmony. Great bands / composers whether classical / pop music, have a great sense of harmony. Bach, the inventor/master. Beethoven, Bartok, Shostakovich, they knew what and when to use. They would lead you somewhere and just when you think you know where you're going, with a blink of an eye, they lose you. For pop, beatles introduced a lot of chords never used by other bands like III+. Radiohead too.
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I try to listen closesly to the entire track.. though I do find myself paying extra special attention to rhythmic structuring and melodic/harmonic interactions when listening to technical/progressive metal.

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