What Musical Skill Would You Want?
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May 1, 2006

Due to lack of interest in previous post, have changed title and material. Thank goodness I am not a journalist, as I suck at both writing and creating interesting titles.

But anyways...

If you could have one skill, be it composing, singing, playing something or whatever, what would it be?

I'll start: I wish I could sing, preferrably like Luther Vandross.
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wish i could reach high notes without croaking out! quite good at imitating jim morrison, elvis or van morrison while at work. actually i envy people who can't sing perfectly, but sound very cool indeed like james dean bradfield or mark e smith.

otherwise i wish i could read sheet music but i aint gonna start learning now.
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The ability to beat the rap for hooking up with underage girls? I guess that's more music related not musical...

Ability to evoke emotion with a guitar (besides annoyance...). I mean one can be technically very good, but not able to really speak with your instrument. With that said, I need to go back to planning my Southern US crossroads trip.
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Virtuosic Mandolin ability. Like that of Chris Thile or Sam Bush.
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I'd like more playing skill--I can compose (yah, I could get better), do write music and lyrics, can sing (not well, but better than some), but I could use more guitar and piano skill (which I could improve if I would play for an hour a day--I must try, but life gets in the way). I relish the time when I could play for 6 hours a day.
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Despite the fact that I despised playing piano when I took private lessons, if I had to pick an instrument to be good at, I think it would be piano. So it'd probably be piano skill. Second would be composing piano. Drums is fun and much more impressive than piano, but really I can't imagine using it to express a full range of emotion.
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Composing (that would include mixing and engineering I suppose.) The ability to create a complete song, especially an orchestral type of work, intrigues me.

btw Calexico - I think in the lyrics in your sig it should be bred not bread, unless there's a certain kind of especially tall east coast loaf of which I'm unaware?
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Play the piano like Volodos,
Play the drums like Akira Jimbo,
But play the guitar well enough to get girls. No one likes a show-off.
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I would take even a small natural ability as a great and wonderful thing. My playing skills are firmly rooting in bare mechanicals and my compositional skills are dull and nondescript.

Just being given the power to "tinkle" at a piano, that woudl relish.

I gain so much joy from listening to music I think in part because of my great inability to perform in any manner myself.

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