What music ripping software do you use?
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Nov 5, 2007
Hello! I'm just looking for a great file format to use with a great software. Got confused.. mp3 or flac or lossless? And itunes and all the other stuff? Any recommendations?

Would your file format work on the ipod too?
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dbPowerAmp ripping to Flac, really easy to use and very fast too.

Flac is the free lossless audio codec, and since its a loseless audio format it is a great choice.
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I use mediamonkey to convert my files to 192kpbs mp3s since I only have a 4Gb ipod nano. If you have one of the bigger ipods, the optimal solution would probably be to stick Rockbox on it and keep with the Flac.
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i use EAC to pull out FLAC from CDs.
Then Foobar2000 + Lame to convert FLAC to mp3.
i use mp3 V0 (pretty much the same quality as 320kbps but smaller in size, and i dont hear any difference between mp3 V0 and FLAC) on my ipod classic.
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Its open-source, feature rich and works very well. Just what I need...
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EAC and the lame encoder to encode stuff as MP3 on my desktop

FooBar and the lame encoder to encode stuff to MP3 on my laptop , since my laptop drive is really slow in EAC but really fast in FooBar
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Originally Posted by jonoliew /img/forum/go_quote.gif
lol. even more confused now ahaha. Quite a few people like this Max thing

He he
Link, if you want to check it out further. Max from sbooth.org
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EAC for PC, Max for Mac. I usually use EAC (simply as I am pedantic about ripping quality
) and Max for converting FLAC to ALAC. I also use XLD for splitting single files with CUE sheets.

For anyone using XLD, do you always split to WAV, or direct to ALAC? I would be a bit worried splitting e.g. APE files directly to ALAC as it implies that XLD does that conversion and I am not sure about its conversion abilities.

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