What makes headphones "high end?" (or other Audio gear)?
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Aug 15, 2015
Hello all,

I kind of stumbled upon this forum by accident, and was curious about the term "high-end" and the description.

I was curious what defines "high end" for us?  Is there a certain thing that factors into that?

Cost? power needed to drive the headphones?  The material?  Type of driver? Sound (variable)?  Etc

Just curious, thanks :).
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The sound...just saying :)

As far as the "High End/Summit Fi" section here goes, I'm pretty sure it's all about price 

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What kind of amp/dac do people here like to use?  SOmeone recommended to me the "Aune T1 Mk2" but someone in the "official Aune thread" told me that it's a "high impedance amp/dac" and these headphones are "low impedance."  I'm curious about everyone's setup :)
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To me, high end headphones seem to give a clarity that more budgetish headphones cant give. But I should note that I have barely heard any mid-fi headphones...
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I think price and exclusivity unfortunately factor into it more than they should - "high end" and "high performance" unfortunately don't always correlate as a result. Speaking sonically, I'd agree with FedikT92, but having heard (and owned) many cans considered "mid-fi" by a lot of people, would say that "high end sound" begins at a lower lower price point than $texas. That's where "high performance" is part of the discussion - there's lots of gear that sounds really killer and doesn't cost a lot, especially today, but it isn't "high end" usually because it doesn't have fancy enclosures, insane pricetags, etc. This isn't to say there isn't good and very expensive components, but I'd advise a healthy dose of skepticism once you start talking about gear with phone number pricetags and promises of all sorts of magical phenomenon. :xf_eek:

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