What Live concerts have you attended?
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Mar 29, 2002
Went to Jones beach theatre the other night and saw the Hall & Oates concert with Kenny loggins as the opening act.
I enjoyed it very much and it got me thinking of some of the live perfomances I have attended in the past.This list will show my age, But I have seen some really good ones. So here is a list of the more memorable ones I can remember. As I went to some of these over 30 years ago I am sure I will forget a few.
Beatles (shea Stadium)

Bryds (central park)
Jefferson Airplane
Jimi hendrix
janis joplin
the Who
Led zepplin
Sly and the family Stone
Black Sabbeth
Saw the above at the Fillmore east among others.
Bette Middler (Forest Hills)
Lionell Richie
Neil Diamond
Tina Turner
Whitney Housten
Phil Collins
Johnny Mathews
Billy joel
Bruce Springsteen(born in the Usa tour)
Kt Tunstall.
Rolling stones
Dave Mathews
Stevie Nicks
Chris Issac
Hall & Oates
Paul Mcartney at citifield
Kenny Loggins
Cheep Trick
REO Speedwagon
James Taylor
The Fray

These are some of the more memorable ones.
I could have gone to woodstock with my brother and 2 friends, But went to national speedway for the drag nationals instead. I regret missing that chance.
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Emerson Lake and Palmer
Deep Purple
the Who
Black Sabbath
Alice Cooper
Dream Theater
and two Ozzfest, with a lot of bands, too many to remember.....
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I haven't gone to any in a while. The last (and best) concert I went to was when the Rolling Stones were touring through Chicago. Oh man... The music, the feeling, the clouds of smoke created by numerous drugs...
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Wow Boze....you have seen some incredible shows! Joplin, Hendrix and the Beatles...

Here's my list:

Bruce-Every tour since 1975
U2-Zoo Tour
John Melloncamp
Bob Dylan at Madison Square Garden
Bette Midler when she first broke at a small theater in Syracuse, NY (Barry Manilow was her pianist)
Simon & Garfunkle in Central Park
Elton John in Central Park
Garth Brooks in Central Park
Clint Black & Wynona at Radio City
Diana Ross at Radio City
Lou Reed....Sally Can't Dance Tour
Paul Winter Consort-College
Prince Radio City Music Hall
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I've seen:

Elton John
Eric Clapton
Billy Joel
The Who
The Rolling Stones
Bruce Springsteen
Depeche Mode
The Cure
Sarah Mclachlan
Peter Gabriel
R. E. M.
Foo Fighters
Sonny Rollins
Chick Corea
Mike Watt
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Atari Tennage Riot
Van Halen
Phil Collins
Bob Dylan
Rollins Band
Pink Floyd
Joan Jett
Nine Inch Nails
Violet Femmes

....amongst others. I've seen some of the above more than once, plus I went to Woodstack 94, and the Tibetan Freedom Concert at Randall's Island in the late nineties.
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Don't get out much anymore. But the most memorable concert that I ever saw, when I was a much younger man, was the second Pink Floyd, The Wall concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. (The first night they set the curtains on fire.)

I wish I had seen some of the concerts that you've seen bozebuttons. btw Could you hear the Beatles actually play at Shea? The sound on the film of that concert seems to mostly consist of screaming, and just barely audible music.
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Great thread Boze. Here are some that I recall.

Elton John
Yvonne Eliman (opened for E.J.)
Grand Funk Railroad
Leon Russell
J. Geils Band
Peter Frampton
Gary Wright (opened for P.F.)
Toots and the Maytals
Gladys Knight (Vegas, only one Pip)
Tower of Power
Society of Seven
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Originally posted by smokey
Don't get out much anymore. But the most memorable concert that I ever saw, when I was a much younger man, was the second Pink Floyd, The Wall concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. (The first night they set the curtains on fire.)

I wish I had seen some of the concerts that you've seen bozebuttons. btw Could you hear the Beatles actually play at Shea? The sound on the film of that concert seems to mostly consist of screaming, and just barely audible music.

I was down pretty low in the boxseats
between homeplate and firstbase. This basically was one of the first concerts to be held at a sports arena over 55,000 people attended. The equipment They had was not as good as what they use today for that type of venue.
And yes it was 55,000 screaming people I will Never forget that.
I had gone with my brother and cousin who drove us there.We where standing on the seats watching the beatles play when the girl in front of my cousin fainted and he caught her.
It was truly mass hysteria of woman screaming just like in filmclips of where ever the beatles went. Very overwhelming, Haven't been to a concert that could stand above what it felt like to be there.
From where I was I could hear them play. That was THE most memorable concert I have ever attended , And I have seen some really good ones.
Another was watching Jimi Hendrix play the star spangled Banner with his teeth at the Fillmore east and it was awesome sounding. Hendrix was an awesome guitar player.Hendrix later burned his guitar on stage.
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Gosh, this is going to test my memory! I'll try to include dates where possible

AC/DC [1987]
U2 [1990]
Simple Minds [1990]
The Mission [1990]
Faith No More [1990 & 1993' ish]
Einstuerzende Neubauten [1991]
Butthole Surfers [1991]
Jane's Addiction [1991]
Beasts of Bourbon [1991, 1992, 1993]
The Cruel Sea [1991, 1992, 1993]
You Am I [1992, 1993]
Kim Salmon & the Surrealists [1992, 1993, 1994]
Nirvana [1992]
Juliana Hatfield [1992]
Evan Dando [1992]
Helmet [1992]
Fugazi [1993]
Shellac [1993]
Sonic Youth [1993]
Disposable Heros of Hiphoprisy [1993]
Mudhoney [1993]
Dirty Three [1993 & 2003]
Soundgarden [1994]
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion [1994 and 1997ish]
Smashing Pumpkins [1994]
Ministry [1995]
Luscious Jackson [1995]
The Cult [1995]
Boss Hog [1995]
The Jesus Lizard [1995 & 1996]
DJ Spooky [1997ish]
Asian Dub Foundation [1997ish]
Atari Teenage Riot [1998]
Alec Empire DJ Set [1998]
The Crystal Method [1998]
Pitch Shifter [2000ish]
Bomb 20 [2001ish]
Porter Ricks [2001ish]
Scientists [2002]
George Clinton / Parliament [2002]
Sigur Ros [2003]

There's more I'm sure...I will update if they spring to mind
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not including many local bands, here's a short list of shows i've been to, off the top of my head:

The Cure - 2000 (Bloodflowers promo tour)
The Cure - 2000 (Dreamtour)
Coldplay - 2002 with Ash opening
Depeche Mode -1998 (Singles tour) with Stabbing Westward opening
Blur - 1999 (13 promor tour)
Manic Street Preachers - 1999
Supergrass - 2000
Lamb - 2000
Siouxsie and the Banshees - 2002 (Seven Year Itch tour)
Primal Scream - 2000 (XTRMNTR tour)
Charlatans - 1997
Pet Shop Boys - 1999 (Nightlife tour)
Pet Shop Boys - 2002 (Release tour)
Mark Gardener (from Ride) - 2003
Gene - 2000
Verve - 1997
Pulp - 1998

i know there's many more, but i guess these were the most memorable.
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Here's a few shows I recall off the top of my head.


1986-Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, and Firehose. They called it The Sonic Butt Fire Concert. Great show-the Buttholes are the best live band I've ever seen-I've seen them 5 other times

1990 and 1992-Skinny Puppy-great shows


1994-"Pink Floyd"-no Roger Waters of course, so it was more like the David Gilmour Band

1999-Marilyn Manson

1999-Neurosis with Soulfly

I don't go to very many concerts-they're not good for your ears. The sound is always WAY too loud, and I don't like wearing earplugs. So I'm picky about who I go to see.
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Not many...

* Pat Travers Band (my first - early 80's)
* UFO (twice -- mid 80's and mid 90's)
* Rail (once, early 80's)
* Judas Priest (once early 80's-- excellent concert)
* Def Leppard (late 80's)

Can't remember what else at the moment... I was around in the 'glory days' of 70's/80's progressive/album rock and early metal, and missed so damn much when so many bands were peaking.
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Let me see....

- Tower of Power (6 times)
- Cold Blood
- Janis Joplin
- Chicago
- Average White Band
- Earth, Wind, and Fire (3 times)
- Buddy Miles
- Billy Preston
- Boz Scaggs
- The Carpenters (2 times)
- Rod Stewart
- Peter Frampton
- Loggins and Messina
- Count Basie
- Duke Ellington
- Clark Terry
- Maynard Ferguson
- Chase
- Chuck Mangione
- Wynton Marsalis
- Ramsey Lewis
- The Rippingtons (3 times)
- Spyro Gyra (2 times)
- Grover Washington Jr.
- Lee Ritenour
- Pat Metheny
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Billy Joel
Pink Floyd (x3, twice in Wembley Arena in London, once in San Diego)
Van Halen
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Grateful Dead (a whole bunch of times)
Iron Butterfly (OK, I'll admit it)
Frank Zappa (various lineups of musicians)
Mahavishnu Orchestra (several lineups)
Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen
The original Willy Nelson/John Cougar Mellencamp Farm Aid Concert (too many to mention)
Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks
Root Boy Slim
Fairport Convention
Richard Thompson
Steeleye Span
Battlefield Band
Laurie Anderson (several times)
Ray Charles
Chick Corea (various lineups)
Roy Buchanan
Danny Gatton
Golden Palominos
Ben Vaughn
Barrence Whitfield and the Savages
Gut Bank

Dammit, I'm forgetting most of them

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