What kind of headphones are these?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bob1, Mar 15, 2005.
  1. bob1
    What kind of headphones are these that Don Imus is wearing here and where can I find a pair? I am guessing they are a pair of high quality studio style headphones.

  2. joelongwood Moderator
    Other than the fact that they look like in-ear-monitors, it's just about impossible to tell from the pic......maybe a larger one would yield a better guess as to make and model. [​IMG]
  3. VicAjax Contributor
    i've always thought imus's headset looked a bit like a stethoscope. i haven't seen anyone else wear anything like it. i think even his compadres in the booth wear sony v6's. my guess is that it's some jury-rigged thing so he can wear his ubiquitous cowboy hat.
  4. Beach123456
    I'd think it would be really hard to tell from that picture, its kinda small and his hair is covering alot of his ears.
  5. WE57
    I too have been wondering  what kind of headphones Imus was using. Since getting a high definition tv I can id them as wired Sennheiser stethophones. I recall the I-man (years ago when he was still on MSNBC) bantering about getting them from Sennheiser  even though they weren't in production. I have had no luck in my search for any infomation on them.  Imus does not use them anymore, but on current "Imus In The Morning" broadcasts, Charles and Warner Wolf still do. 
  6. djcobp
    Pretty sure they were Sennheiser Stethoscope MD 404's!  I bought up the last few pair from Sennheiser when i was in radio back in the 70's! :)  They were my favorites besides the Koss Pro 4 AA's.  Nice and light but sounded great!  Wish Sennheiser would bring them back.  I'd buy at least a dozen.  They weren't cheap though.  They have dials on each ear bud that would allow you to go from real tinny to bassy.  Used to come in a few different colors, but i saw and owned just plain black.  Hope that helps!

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