What kind of beverage or food enhance your listening sessions?

  1. CarlosUnchained
    Some people wine and fine cheese, some people whisky and peanuts, some people Mountain Dew and Doritos.

    What do you eat or drink to take your listening sessions to another level that with the hardware alone would be unreachable?
  2. dinesh18892
    I am all about a good glass of Cab Sav and Pinot Noir while listening Jazz. I must have a dedicated amplifier connected to my laptop and a good headphone which was HD650 in my case plus my reclining chair and I am in heaven. Whiskey on the rocks also does great job when I am enjoying AC/DC. Music never sounded better without a little buzz. It is just on another level.
  3. etoilebiscuit
    neat whiskey room temp. period.
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  4. eteina
    Not much of a heavy coffee drinker so a plain and strong espresso does the trick for me
  5. HPLobster
    Islay Single Malt and tube-sound certainly do have a nice synergy in my book... [​IMG] 
  6. Music Alchemist
    An energy drink or soda. (Usually Mountain Dew or Rockstar.)
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  7. Squeaky Duck

  8. DarKu
    anything that has alcohol in it

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