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What is your favorite (or best) iOS FLAC player?

  1. The Socialist Nerd
    With my iPad Pros, what app do folks recommend for playing back FLAC loaded onto its internal memory?
  2. Knightsfan11
  3. silverfishla
    Onkyo player
  4. DatBlueDatsun240
    VOX and for streaming use TIDAL. I would recommend using a spectra X or lightning cables if your headphones or iem's have removable cables.
  5. DatBlueDatsun240
    I do prefer the iPod video 80gb improved version with the wolfson DAC with rockbox
  6. Knightsfan11
    How do you find this app? The only reason I decided to go with VOX, was because it's free. If Onkyo player has more EQ features, I'd be happy to pay for the app.
  7. PopZeus
    Second the Onkyo HF player. Not familiar with Vox's EQ, but the EQ on the Onkyo is pretty flexible. Also, I noticed that the audio quality was a better compared to Apple's stock music player out of my old iPhone 6s. The difference is not as noticeable on my 8, maybe because the DAC is in the dongle now and not as good as the internal DAC in the 6s?
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  8. Knightsfan11
    Do you guys use ALAC at all, or stick to FLAC?
  9. silverfishla
    I don’t remember if it was a paid app or not. The EQ is good. You create the dots on the EQ line and maneuver them to whatever kHz you want to adjust. Pretty cool. Also plays DSD with options for upsampling stuff too ( if your into that). It doesn’t have a ton of options, but what you need and it sounds good. Simple, but well thought out.
  10. The Socialist Nerd
    I have nearly over a 1000 CD’s ripped in ALAC.
  11. PopZeus
    All the stuff I download from HD Tracks and other sources are in the FLAC format. All the CDs I rip in iTunes are done in ALAC, which I down-convert to 256 kbps AAC for the Apple ecosystem. Those ALAC files are moved over to my lossless folder with rest of my FLAC files. Most of my desktop listening is done from that lossless folder. If I want something I have only as a FLAC for iTunes, I'll use XLD to convert them to ALAC, then convert them in iTunes to AAC. It's a bit of a hassle so I don't do that often, but it works if I really want that music on my iPhone.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
  12. Knightsfan11
    Do you find much of an difference to your ear, when listening to ALAC files in the stock music app compared to a FLAC file played through another app, like VOX??

    I have read there is no difference in quality between the 2 formats, but to me they sound different.
  13. Whazzzup
    Roon core on antipodes audio dx

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