What is you favorite record from 1969?
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Jul 8, 2007
What is your favorite album from 1969 (pop rock)
Head-fi only allows 10 options in a poll.............which is nearly impossible being that 1969 was such a great year for music.

Honorable mentions go to - The Allman Brothers debut
Neil Young - Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
The Doors - The Soft Parade
Blind Faith - Blind Faith
Dylan - Nashville Skyline
and the hardest one to take out Crosby, Stills & Nash debut
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voted for tommy, would probably have been The Soft Parade if it was up there.

I love The Band but I wouldn't pick that album over even Abbey Road or probably Zeppelin.
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Iron Butterfly - Ball
T.Rex - Unicorn
Ten Years After - Ssssh
Family - Family Entertainment
Amboy Dukes - Migration
Fields - Fields
Bent Wind - Sussex
Free - Free
Dokken - One Live Night
Creedence - Creedence
Pentangle - Basket Of Light
Shocking Blue - At Home
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I voted for Tommy, but probably would have voted for CSN (self titled) were it included. Soft Parade is another top contender and obviously Abbey Road and the Zep stuff, Allman Brothers, plus Neil and Bob... All so different, but all excellent in their own ways.
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EEK!! I'm the first one to vote for Let it Bleed?

Think I'll go listen to "Monkeyman" right now.

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