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What is the latency?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by music_man, Dec 4, 2018.
  1. music_man
    This in regards to pro audio/recording but it also applies to most of you. So I think someone can answer it.

    Latency of high end USB2.0 VS. Rednet. This is "roundtrip" for recording Whereas it is only playback for most of you. I am guessing at lowest buffers the USB is about 2ms and the Rednet is sub ms? The Human ear cannot hear below 4.5. However the limitation of USB in many machines will hiccup that low. Especially with other intensive apps running. IE, plugins in pro audio. As is evidenced here many people are going Dante just for playback to begin with. So that may speak volumes. 480 MBP/s is not very fast.

    I was just wondering what the latency difference "roundtrip" in ms is on the two guess. I know different circumstances will render different latency.
  2. Roseval
    This is what RME says:

    Re: ADI-2 Pro Usb mode Latency.
    Just for the record - roundtrip latencies @ 44.1 kHz (Windows ASIO):

    ASIO Buffer Size RTL
    128 samples 7.3 ms (used in the upper Cubase test)
    64 samples 4.4 ms
    32 samples 2.9 ms

    Everything as expected and no way to have a latency problem.

    Your 2ms looks like a fair value to me

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