What is the craziest base can you have ever heard?
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Mar 2, 2012
I was getting used to my Ultrasone Pro 900 and yesterday tried my friend's beats by dre pro.
I didn't like beats pro at all but after the experience I came up with a question.
What is the headphone that hits the hardest, no matter how much it costs,  to a level where it feels insane?
Here are the headphones I tried so far.
Ultrasone Pro 900: While delivering outstanding sound quality I think my Pro 900 fares pretty darn good even when it comes to how 'punchy' the base is. 
Beats Pro: While I don't like Beats series, I though Pro had some quite enjoyable base kick that made me feel I am in the middle of a dance floor when I stream through club music. No?
Crossfade LP: While VERY weak when directly connected, LP actually showed its inner madness when I adjusted it with my Fiio E17. The base kicks surprisingly harder than before. 
Sony XB 500: To be honest, I...didn't really like this one. I didn't buy it so I had no chance to connect it through my amp but even when I just plugged it straight to my iphone at best buy I didn't find the kick I wanted.
This was rather surprising since Sony's XB fat-ear cup series were known as base monsters to me?
Do the XB 700 and XB 1000 fare better? I also heard that XB 700 actually punches harder than XB 1000.
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Jun 14, 2011
Buy a Digizoid Zo and use it with your ultrasones = crazy bass. 

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