What is the big deal about CX300's?
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I own these as well and am terribly un-satisfied with them. I purchased the monster turbines, and once they broke in there is no comparison between the two. I can't listen to the senns any longer, they break up and begin to distort with any real volume level. If you play them quietly, they don't distort nearly as much.
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Pointing out they have huge deficiencies is somewhat redundant - why on earth would anyone spend over a hundred up to hundreds on phones as we all do if you could get perfection for a handfull of change? You expect quality when you spend large amounts and you expect there to be some kind of catch when you get something for cheap so of course the CX300 have a myriad of faults. But they do a job and serve as a good stepping stone between stock buds and quality 'phones.

Ever heard of the Cyclone PR1 Pros?
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I have to say, I'm not a big fan of Sennheiser either. I have the CX400II, and auditioned serveral headphones of the brand, and they are indeed dull sounding. But the IE8, that's a whole other thing
Very transparant and clean sound actually.

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