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what is the BEST IEM FOR VOCAL??

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  1. nananan
    So far, Audio Technica IM02 is my pick! I love the outstanding, crystal clear vocal & just a little bass
    However, while I've been waiting for it to be available at local store.
    I'd like to ask you guys if there's any other interesting choices?
    Like... UE900
    or RE-400 (I've never tried this one, but heard it really rocks!)

    Any suggestion? I'd like to try other choices before I make decision.

    PS: a price is regardless.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dwong
    I love vocals on the IM02, especially female vocals.  RE-262 is also very nice.  Although it isn't on the same level as the IM02, it provides a very warm, lush, and smooth vocal presentation.
  3. nananan
    Me too... guess I have to wait pateintly for IM02 to arrive at local store :frowning2:
    could be around two weeks.........
  4. SilverEars
    Depends on what type of vocal output you like.  If you like detailed textured, but not forward(by sound not imaging forward, location wise 334 is very close sounding) and flat, it's To Go 334 if you fit them right.  If you like grainy textured forward vocals, it's the SE846.  I personally prefer the 334 since I don't like sharp forward sound or the harsh grainyness.  I also like the wide sounding nature of the vocals and the airyness of the 334.
    I haven't tried many other high end ones so I cannot comment on those besides the low end stuff that can't compete with the two I've mentioned.
    I'm a huge fan of vocals, and I source my headphones from ODAC/O2.  It's really great for vocals.
  5. nananan
    anyone knows about UE900?
    i love the design so far...
  6. nananan
  7. Ivabign
    UE900 is a very competent IEM - for a nice analysis go here.... You would not be going wrong - and you wouldn't be spending 1K and above like some of the other suggestions.
  8. nananan

    Hey @Ivabign
    Thanks for your confirmation. Now, I intend to get it as a second-use item with a deal around $250, no scratch on it.
    I think it's a worth deal so far,,,
    I'd like to ask a bit more about comfortability. How about its weight? Is it comfy?

  9. audionewbi
    Fad VI.
  10. Ivabign
    It is a light unit - worn over the ear - much better ergonomics than its predecessor the TF10 - much easier to wear. Comfortable.
  11. ChavaC
    I'd recommend the Earsonics sm3 if you're looking for great vocals
  12. kahaluu
    Vocals were really nice and forward on the RE400's when I owned them.
  13. tinyman392
    Vocals are not the UE 900's strong suite.  Something like the Westone W4 does it better.  RE-400 is a great IEM for this as well if you are looking for something cheaper. 
  14. Berkovajazz
    Sleek Audio SA7, Sennheiser IE80, Monster Gratitude.
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