What is a KOSS T-5 Headphone Junction Box
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I believe I owned one once.  It had screw terminals on the back to connect up to your receiver.  The front divided the signal into two jacks so that two people could listen to the music.  A pot was provided for each jack to attenuate the signal as a passive volume control.  I think it was rather cheap back in the old days when the Pro 4 headphones squashed your ears but, gave you good sound.  Hope this helps.  I think 20 years ago it cost maybe $15.
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I just picked one of these up.  It's got terminals on the bottom for connecting speaker wire (from receiver) and more terminals to continue on to your speakers.
A switch on the front for turning your speakers on/off
And two pots for adjusting headphone level.  And two 1/4" headphone jacks.
It should work like all those fancy speaker taps people are making for their HiFiman's/etc, right?
Except the resistance is variable.
I haven't hooked it up yet to try it out.  I will try to post some pictures tonight.
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My apologies for reviving an old thread and for my "dumb" question...
Where do I connect the ground wire (to the amp)?  I have a similar unit coming in (Koss T-5A) which has 7 wires but I'm assuming the hookup to the amp would be the same (a picture of the manual from a "for sale" ad indicates a 3 wire hookup... too bad the actual instructions were not pictured).  From my understanding, 1 wire from R+ of the amp to the box, 1 wire from L- of the amp to the box... where do i connect the ground wire? does it go to the phono ground?  Oh, and I won't be connecting any speakers.
picture showing that the T-5A uses a 3-wire hookup

picture of the color coding which i'll be using (from an eBay ad for a T-5 which comes with its own set of wires)


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