What is a good headphone that i can buy to replace my Audio-Technica ATH-M50?
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Jan 13, 2013
Hi i'm new to this forum but through google i've browsed through the forum and it seems like users here are very experienced with different kinds of headphones.
I bought the audiotechnica ATH-M50 months ago but now i can't bear it. I've stretched it over the tissue box and such but it's still incredibly uncomfortable. I even changed the headphone ear pad with a seinheiser which made it more comfortable but it's still unbearable.
I've decided to give my headphones away to someone else and to buy a new one.
Now i know audiotechnica according to reviews was considered to be one of the best sounding headphones for it's price so i probably can't find another headphone that sounds just as good as it with better comfort.
What headphones can I get for under 150 dollars that is great in comfort and good sounding?(not huge like audiotechnica m50 that hurt my head because they were super heavy on my ears) 
Thanks i appreciate it

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