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What if you could only have one headphone....or two. What would you choose?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyll hertsens, May 5, 2013.
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  1. jmk720
    Focal Utopia as one.

    For two, Focal Utopia and JVC SZ2000 (basshead taste).
  2. MisterMudd
    I am not at those $ levels, but:

    Philips Fidelio X2. Big, bassy, and badass with a great soundstage. Musical fun.

    Faeeal Snow-Lotus 1.0+. A $6 ear bud that trumps everything I own and/or have heard. Magic in a small form factor.
  3. SonyFan121
    In an ideal world, if I only could have one headphone it would be the Sony MDR Z1R. If it was only $800 i'd have bought it already. $1,600 just seems like an absurd amount of money to spend on a headphone, no matter how good it sounds, instead of an amp.
    Right now I have the only 2 headphones I'll need, until the day I get an MDR Z1R at a more normal price;
    The Denon AH-D5000 and AKG K702. These 2 are my reference headphones, by which I compare all other headphones to. My journey has been strange, 10 years ago the first 2 headphones I started with where the AH-D5000 and K702. 10 years and 60+ headphones later, I've gone full circle and ended with the same 2 headphones as my reference.
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  4. Dana Reed
    Of the ones I have, sadly one would have to be a pair of sport earbuds. The Bose soundsport wired are the only ones I’ve found to stay in place while running, play loud enough with minimal distortion, sound OK with a bit of EQ, and don’t have lots of microphonics when I move.
    For the second, I would have to keep my GS2000e. Luckily I don’t have to pick 2 and I can keep my HE560 and LCD2f as well as my Beyer T5p
  5. natalieann
    DT 1990 pro....that would be all
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  6. Kukuk
    It's tough to pick just one, but I think I'd go with my DT 1770 Pros. Sonically, they tick a lot of boxes: incredible bass impact and extension, competent mid range, fairly large soundstage, superb imaging, and fantastic treble character.

    Oddly enough, if I had to pick two headphones, I probably wouldn't include the DT1770s. I think I'd go with my Koss ESP950s and Beyer T5Ps. My T5Ps are basically my beater headphone that I don't mind bringing with me and getting dinged up. Sonically, they're more aimed directly at my taste in music. A little better mid range and a little more laid-back treble. The DT1770s are great for when I really want to jam out to something a little more energetic, but for easy listening I certainly wouldn't reach for them.

    The ESP 950s are just my gold standard for music listening: perfect treble, perfect mid range, phenomenal imaging, and pretty large soundstage.
  7. 5twnr
    Ever since hearing the DT990s, I have yet to hear another pair of headphones with such an open soundstage. However, open headphones aren't great for use outside, and at home I prefer listening to music on speakers. So for an all-purpose pair of headphones, I will go with the Sennheiser HD25-1 II.
    For a second pair I'd go with the DT990s.
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  8. blackdragon87
    the hd 600 would be my ideal choice followed closely by the lcd 2
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  9. VRacer-111
    I believe I know my answers.

    For a single do all headphone selection: my choice would be the Argon Mk3. I just love everything it does in music, movies, and gaming and it is actually the only planar I would take over a Foster biodyna dynamic headphone. Closedback that sounds more open than quite a few open headphones and I can't hear any issue with cup damping like you do with Fostex TH-X00s. As long as you feed it from an amp with proper power and warmth, it produces excellent sound that works very well for all genres of music. Sound runs on the warmer side of neutral and fairly non-fatiguing to listen to.

    For a two headphone setup: my selection would be a Koss/Massdrop Porta Pro X with Yaxi pads and a STAX SR007 Mk2.

    Porta Pros with Yaxi pads are close enough to the sound signature of the Argon Mk3 but in a very portable and easily driven form. Yaxi pads make all the difference in bettering comfort and clean and tightens up the sound. Been using them as my work headphones with the Shanling M0 DAP... great sounding combo that is highly portable and also good for use while on the move.

    The STAX SR007 Mk2 is similar in sound to my modded L300 Limited 'L700 clone' but with noticeably better subbass impact, overall detail, and smoothness. The bass from my STAX rig is the favorite I've yet heard from a headphone, and I love how STAX presents music within a unique space and the speed and sense of 'live' sound that is portrayed.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  10. Magicman74
    Hands down the DT880 Premium, Easy to amp match, better the the Senn offerings 58x/600/650. Works well with all music. I've owned or tried pretty much everything in this range and nothing beats this set, Followed closely by the DT990. Once you go higher you don't get much better audio for twice the price. Comfort is top notch and built like a tank, what more do you need?
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  11. Sachada
    I would probably choose these headphones:

    Home: Hifiman Ananda

    Portable: IMR R1
  12. kman1211
    For me it's my modified DT 480 - 25 Ohm, efficient, excellent isolation, and the single best headphone I've owned beating out my T1.2 and my Amiron Home as well as any of the HD 6xx family, DT 1990, K712, Audioquest Nighthawks, and the Focal Elears. Total cost only $200 with angled sheepskin brainwavz pads, a new cable, sorbothane and some felt/fabric found throughout the house. Admittedly modding took a while to get it to it's current point. It's hard to describe the transparency, clarity, and realism this headphone has, it makes everything else I've owned sound grainy and lacking ultimate realism. There's a texturing and detail I haven't heard in my other headphones and it's completely effortless about it, there's zero fatigue.The problem I have is trying find an open-back that compares that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  13. metal571
    Oh definitely LCD4. Maximum resolution with no giant treble peaks present at the same time. Almost impossible to find this in any other headphone
  14. robo24
    Sennheiser PXC 550. I travel so much that having noise cancelling, very little noise leaking, comfort, and ease of use with multiple devices. 2nd would be HD 700. Lately I've been traveling with both, because the HD 700 are still new for me and bring pleasure listening to a whole other level.
  15. phthora
    MrSpeakers AEON Flow C. Well-built, super comfortable and light, very isolating, wonderful neutral sound that EQs well, scales well with better gear, and comes with a perfect carrying case. Also, not so expensive or hard to drive that I have to worry about taking it portable. If I only get to keep one headphone, I want it to not color the sound at all, while maintaining great resolution. Everything else is a luxury, IMO.
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