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What IEM Should I Get

  1. gco211
    I know I just joined, but I've followed head-fi for a while and seem to remember a long thread that was about which headphones to purchase but can't seem to find it.  That said, I'd really appreciate some help on choosing a pair of IEM's.  
    My last good pair was Klipsch S4's, which I really liked and found quite comfortable.  Unfortunately, my dog got to them, and they are no longer with us.  So, I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's, with max of about $200, though I'd say I also would love something a bit cheaper if the quality is quite similar.  
    I mostly listen to rock, alternative rock, indie rock, folk, and classic rock (see a theme), but really like a balanced sound within those genres and am trying to expand my taste (with mostly folk being a jumping off point and occasionally listening to classical).  I also carry my earbuds in my pocket at all times,so a cord that is durable would be nice (though a good warranty/company is fine).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  
  2. stevenlongs
    Here's the thread you are looking for: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-245-iems-compared-phonak-pfe-232-added-07-05-12

    I think a GR07 would fit you well. It's great for rock, and has one of the best stock cables out there. it's an over-the-ears headphone that can be bought at around 150+shipping and the current model is called the MK2. Check it out and see if it fits you :wink:
  3. Custom1
    How could you not find that thread?!?! Did you try googling "iem review"? lol.
  4. AstroTurf
    Welcome to the forum...

  5. Emospence
  6. gco211
    Thanks for the help.  That was not quite the thread I was searching for, but frankly, it seems far better.  I ordered a pair of GR07's from Amazon based on that thread plus your suggestion.  One follow up question, if you wouldn't mind though.  Is there anything I should be listening for in particular?   I'm really pumped to listen to the burn in period changes in addition the the overall quality.  Like I said, I'm coming from a pair of S4's, which I really liked, but am looking forward to these arriving tomorrow.  Currently, I'm excited to listen to the quick bass while still not overpowering.  
    Are there any sounds you might suggest I should listen for on these?  Thanks!
  7. khoi14021993
    Just using your casual music is good enough. But you should give it a rest once in a while though.

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