What headphones to use for better thump and bass effect
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Jun 17, 2015
I am unable to decide whether I should go for an upgrade - Sony MDR-XB70AP headphones or JAYS - A-JAYS TWO. I am currently using Panasonic RP-HSC200 with my Philips GoGear Aria. I am primarily looking for a pair of headphones which can deliver a lot of Bass and thump effect with less amount of compromise on the treble based on which I was recommended from a website selling headphones that these two would be the best and the JAYS - A-JAYS TWO would be better than the one from sony. however when I checked the performance details of the to headphones (impedance and frequency range etc.) it seems that the sony headphones are far better and above that would be my present Panasonic headphones with larger driver units although you guys would be the best judge of that. I was initially eyeing Beyerdynamics DX 120IE which is pretty much of the same price range but seems to have a rather balanced sound output. Also should I go for a pair of headphones which have balanced sound with decent punch of bass or choose extra bass is also something that is kinda confusing me since I listen to a lot of trance with a lot of bass effects and i am not really ready to compromise my bass requirements with decent sound clarity. Please suggest what to buy even if it is not these headphones that I previously mentioned? I wouldn't mind increasing my budget to $80- $90 or whether i should'nt even go for an upgrade from my current headphones. 
Thanks again for the help.

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