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What headphones for a mix of mobile beatmaking and everyday work?

  1. Melhower
    Hey guys,

    I’m new so let me introduce myself first: Johannes, 21, living in Munich, Germany, founding a startup among other things but also love making beats - working on a hip-hop album with others.
    And I’m searching for my dream pair of over-ear headphones (my ears don’t like sticking stuff into them).:o2smile:

    Here’s what they need to be:
    The over-ear (not in-ear) headphones need to be:

    1.) Practical. The closer to the immense practicality&ease of use of AirPods, the better. Includes comfy and wireless!

    2.) As stylish as possible.

    3.) Sound so good they’re alright to produce beats on the go (at least lay out and mix a bit).

    4.) Great to focus (blocks out noise)

    Basically I’m searching for over-ear headphones to live the daily business life of calls, travels and hyper focus with but also produce beats with them.

    Budget: absolute max €400 / $450 / £350

    Happy for some great suggestions!
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  2. serman005
    Budget would help us a lot. In Euros is fine.
  3. Melhower
    Budget: absolute max €400 / $450 / £350
  4. serman005
    I would personally look at a B&W PX and a B&O H9i and see what you think. They have ANC, which you may or may not like, as do most wireless headphones in this price range.
  5. SonyFan121
    Does it need to be wireless? I'm a musician and an amateur music producer with a few years of experience of producing music, I would avoid wireless headphones at all costs.
  6. PopZeus
    Not stylish but Audeze Mobius is what I would use for professional monitoring. But also the alternate EQ settings are great for fun playback.
  7. Melhower
    I want to at least have the wireless option. If you lay down a beat, the delay makes wireless impossible. But the practicality for phone calls and casual listening is what I like.
    So, wireless with the option to plug an aux in would be perfect!
  8. Melhower
    I like. A lot. My dad has the P5 wireless and I love the sound, although mixing always needs a little bit of extra adjustments after mixing with these (which is fine though). That over-ear plus adjustable ANC seems perfect. I thank you a lot!

    Are the extra 100 bucks worth the H9i?
  9. Melhower
    Not unstylish neither though! I do find the idea to plug in that mic super smart. Seems great for phone calls. Thank you!

    Overall there seem to be more options than I thought, beginning this search I thought I’m searching for the “egg-laying woolen milk pig” (a translated German saying for the no compromise Allrounder:L3000:)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  10. serman005
    Some people think so, others prefer the PX. Sounds like you may be a B&W person...
  11. Melhower
    Seems to be like it. Looked into them more, seems exactly what I’m searching for!

    I have 2 concerns though:
    #1 workouts (AAAAAAHHHH I know, “with these headphones??”). Would there be any way to cover the parts touching my skin so I don’t damage them or make them disgusting? Is it a cardinal sin that’ll eventually destroy them? Exploring my options.

    #2 A reviewer said they’re kinda tight around the ear and don’t “disappear”. You get sore after some time. I observed that with the P5 as well (not a dealbreaker but annoying). Any way to improve that?
  12. serman005
    Not sure what you would cover them with. You can always stretch the band a little bit, that will loosen the clamp force. Be cautious when you do it, though, you don't want to crack the band.
  13. Melhower
    Thank you! Good to know they’re stretchable. Thinking about buying an object the width of my head to rest them on it?

    And thinking about either wearing a hat working out or buying a separate piece for that purpose...
  14. msuroo
    When I read the first post I thought “man, you just need different headphones for different use cases”, but this one put it over the top, ha.

    Personally, I love my AirPods for the simplicity of stuff like podcasts and phone calls, and I couldn’t imagine wearing over-ear cans in the gym, but different strokes I guess.
  15. Melhower

    Ha! Yeah the AirPods are cool for that. Just heard the PX can do that pause when you take off a can too...

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