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What headphones are you currently rocking?

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  1. bcasey25raptor
    I know many people here have multiple headphones for different uses. My question is as of your post what are you using?
    I will start.
    I'm using my shure srh840. Still my best cans. I'm anticipating tuesday when i receive my shure srh940.
  2. deadlylover
    I'm still rocking the Stax O2's.
    One year anniversary coming up in a few weeks, and to this day, they've played nicely with whatever I've thrown at it.
    It will probably by my main headphone for many years to come, because just like the other O2, anything that sounds better is actually worse. [​IMG]
  3. Hellbishop
    Right now am enjoying my Sennheiser HD202 II headphones. Some time this week it'll be one year since i purchased them on sale at the sadly now closed down FYE which always had stunning bargains on everything. They're excellent headphones and are serving me well now that i have a proper gold plug extension cord which doesnt randomly lose the signal at the connection point like my previous non-gold extension cord did. Still its kind of finicky with connections since it had a signal dropout with my Onkyo TX-8555 stereo reciever aswell with me having to move it around to get things going again. Fortunately the new extension cord has fixed all that.
  4. SanjiWatsuki
    I've got my Grado SR80is on right now. 
  5. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Still rocking the HD-800.  Have been for a couple of years.
    Though I'll admit to being tempted by the new Shure open full-sized cans.  I might bite after getting a listen.
  6. Parall3l
    Trying out my dad's HD238. I'd say the signature is rather warm and dark.
  7. IMAWolf
    I'm on my MS1000i, uber addictive soundstage. [​IMG]
  8. bcasey25raptor
    Now i'm on my sennheiser hd 25 1 ii. Listening to some kataklysm.
  9. funniecow
    KOSS PORTAPROS my first set, thought I do use my ink'd skull candy a lot more just because I don't want to be rude and flood the air with my sense of music.  Its final season where I hail from. 
  10. catchedge
    Computer > NuForce HDP > Recabled Denon D2000
  11. asabashoyuki
    I'm now playing Grand Turismo 4 OST via Computer > Mini-audio MAD07 > TF10 (Null-audio lune cable)
  12. MorbidToaster
    LCD 2. I've gone through a ton of cans in the last year and I think these are the keepers. I'm considering adding a Thunderpants to the mix next year, but the LCD 2 will be with me for awhile...especially after my LF arrives.
    Currently listening to: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
  13. RexAeterna
    right now just using my k601's since their still new to me since i got them about week ago. the more relaxed top-end is nice difference since rest of my headphones tend to have a flat top-end making them sometimes sound bright on certain sources. good for laidback listening and an all-rounder.
  14. bcasey25raptor
    kataklysm sounds amazing on my sennheiser hd 25 1 ii. Deity i love this hobby.
  15. eucariote


    Ditto.  And ED-8 when I needs a closed headphone.  Sad but my other otherwise wonderful headphones never touch my ears any more.
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