What happened to the JohnBlue JB3's?

  1. reallybigair
    What happened to the JohnBlue JB3's? I don't see them on your website and I can't find them available anywhere else in North America. Did the company go out of business or did the N.A. Distributor drop them? If ALO isn't going to get them back into stock, do you know of any other vendor that may have them?
  2. digitalguy
    I got a pair from www.obadimports.com last week. Two days after I ordered them their website went down and I nearly freaked out as I didn't received anything other than an acknowledgement of my payment. Their site still isn't back up so maybe they've gone out of business.
    Listening to these speakers in the near field (either side of computer display) is like wearing headphones but with the sound coming more naturally in front instead of the "sound inside your head" sensation. The laws of physics limit what a 3" driver can do in the deep bass but from mid bass up they bring tears to my eyes. I'm going to add a subwoofer to get down to 20 hz and have absolute perfection in computer speakers.
    Order them from overseas if you have to, they are absolutely worth it.
  3. reallybigair
    Did you get (receive) a pair of JB3s from obadimports or did you just order the pair from them and have not yet received them?
    I've e-mailed obad in the past asking if they had the speakers in stock, but I did not get any reply.
    I would really like to buy a pair of these speakers, but I don't want to order from overseas if I can help it. The extra $100 in shipping is a deal breaker for me at the moment.
  4. reallybigair
    If anyone cares, I contacted JohnBlue Audio to see if they could assist me with finding a US or North American Dealer or Distributor. They told me they did not have a NA distributor at this time and they offered to sell me a pair direct for a decent price. I passed the info off to the wife and she called JohnBlue in Taiwan and ordered a pair for me for Christmas. They arrived quickly and were packaged very well.
    I've had them playing on my desk off and on for a week now and I like them very much. They did go through some weird break-in changes. Initial opinion was WOW!, big open sound for a small speaker, followed by grainy sound, followed by settling in to a decent sounding speaker.
    I've had them playing pretty much non-stop whenever I'm at my desk listening mostly to Radio Paradise and TSF Jazz Internet Radio. It's been a great week! Found several new (to me) artist to check out. Found Silversun Pickups, Florence and the Machine, Terez Montcalm and Houston Person. All great stuff and exactly the reason I wanted desktop speakers. Makes it easy to listen to internet radio to find new music.
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