What Grado should I upgrade to if I'm coming from the Beyer DT770s?
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May 16, 2009
I'm really curious about the mid-end (or is it high-end already?) Grado sound, so I'm loosely considering the option to try out upgrading to a Grado from the headphones that I'm using right now.

What I'm using are a pair of DT770's (250ohms; 2005 edition) that have been recabled to dual-entry cryo-treated Mogami cables and the sound is good, but a bit too bassy and the mids are a bit too recessed as well.

So, since I'm curious about a Grado upgrade (and let's say I have a $300 budget) what do you guys think I should upgrade to?

Off the top of my head, what I'm thinking maybe the Alessandro MS2...
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Since you're used to the DT770's already, I think the SR-325is's would be a good route to go. They have a very fully sound and aren't as bright as the DT770. The bass on them is good as well and not too impactfull.
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Interesting question - since most of my headphones are either variations of Darthbeyers, and Grado. So, too bad you haven't been payingl enough attention - you could have had a Grado HF-2. Prospects are now dim for you getting a pair at the orig. price. Todd (TTVJ) has started a waiting list if any buyers for the aprox 500 built drop out at the last minute. Be aware there are people already on the waiting list. You could also consider a used pair of RS-1 from the f.S. pages.....if you get them - I strongly suggest you pair them with the flat earpads (from TTVJ)........the HF-2 are best with the bowl pads that come with them.
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I'd also recommend taking a shot at the HF-2, if available. There are bound to be a few dropouts and maybe one will turn up used. However, owners seem very happy with the HF-2 so far.

If not, maybe look for a used RS-2. Some have turned up at attractive prices lately.
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I went from the 770-250's to the 325i's, with HF2 on order. The 770's were probably more comfortable but it was the signature that I didn't like. I like the more forward, lively sound similar to the speakers I have in my HT and stereo setups at home. A friend on my Axiom board suggested the 325i's and I love 'em.

The 770's have a bit more bass but I think the 325i's seem a bit tighter.

They're different cans, so it depends on what type of sound you're aiming for. The MS2i's may also be a good shot if you want to go this route.
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Try also the 225's. A lot of people like them better than the 325's and there a hundred cheaper. No harm done at 179 dollars. They both had plenty of bass in a a/b comparison I did today while at a audio store. I have darth beyers and kinda of liked the grado sound.
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Another nice thing about the Grado's is that you don't necessarily have to amp them. The 770-250's pretty much require it. There is a noticeable difference using an amp w/ the Grado's but my iPhone 3G and iPod sound fine straight out of the headphone jack.
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I own the 325's and the dt770 250ohm and 600ohm Manufaktur's and I would choose the dt770's any day over the 325's. Probably what you need is to change amplification, the beyers love tubes. The Beyer sound is more balanced and detailed, specially the 600ohm version, for being closed cans I feel they soundstage better than the grados. The Beyers built quality is far better than the grados, they are also more comfortable.

If you want an upgrade you should consider going for the dt880's 600ohm, I havent heard the xx1000's but for the rest, this beyers outperform them easily. Actually I should sell my grados, I never use them.... btw, I just got a pair of Ultrasone pro 900's and Im looooving them, I got them as portables and now they are competing with my beyers....there is one pair available in the FS forum for a bit more than your budget, but its worth it, the super easy Kees mod, puts them high in the rankings....
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HF-2 if you can get it and will spring for the additional cost. Otherwise, maybe MS-2 would work; not sure if they'd be too bright or not for you (though not as bright as I recall the 325i being).
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That's well overbudget. like $300 over. The story of head-fi I guess.
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I own the DT770 (250ohm) and the 325i. I have to agree with those recommending the 325i, It's a considerable upgrade and is within your budget. Consider looking for a used pair, you should be able to find something for less than $250.
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In 2006, I had the old DT770'250 and got the MS1 later. That felt like coming home, I sold the boombeyer a few weeks later. Deciding to upgrade to the MS Pro was only a kind of obeisance towards the MS1 qualities in principle.

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