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What does it make to become a headphone supremeus?

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  1. Clutz
    I'm curious as to what is the difference between a Headphone Supremeus and a 1000+ member? Is one a moderator, and the other not - cause I've seen some people who havce Moderator tags on their name, with < 1000 posts who are not Headphone Supremeusii (is that the plural form of Supremeus?)
  2. PFKMan23
    1500 posts. If you're an old school contributor Jude would have to manually change the title though.
  3. 00940
    iirc, the post limit for headphone supremus is 1500+.

    And moderators have special name tags, so the "headphone supremus" should be added manually by Jude but it isn't always done.
  4. Clutz
    Well, I signed up in June of 2002, and it only took me until January 2006 to get to 500 posts, so 3.5 years.. [​IMG] I guess that means I won't get to Headphone Supremus until the year 2013?

    By that time I'll be Dr. Clutz.
  5. 1911
    yeah it takes forever unless you are superbot. i got tired of wishing people i dont know happy birthday and padding my count..when it happens it happens...no big deal....
  6. Clutz
    Yeah, I'm not about to go pad my posts just to get to 1500.. Now to get to 1000, maybe. [​IMG]

    btw, Happy Birthday 1911. [​IMG]
  7. Mr.PD Contributor

    Originally Posted by Clutz
    I'm curious as to what is the difference between a Headphone Supremeus and a 1000+ member?.........................................

    The main difference is a Supremeus wasted more time here than a 1000+ member.[​IMG]
    It really is simply a case of post count. I know less than most members, I just type more often than the majority, and (thankfully) less than 25 or 30 other members.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Clutz
    At least you joined about two months before I did. That justifies the ~ 4500 extra posts that you have over me. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. mrarroyo Contributor
    Time and $, in any combination, ammount, or order.
  10. grawk
    "How do you get to carnegie hall?"

  11. bangraman Contributor
  12. Wmcmanus
    Only the most brilliant and handsome members are elevated to the ranks of Headphoneus Supremus. We don't yet consider you bright enough nor good looking enough to be invited into the club. Sorry, that's just the way it is.
  13. discord
  14. apnk

    Originally Posted by PFKMan23
    1500 posts.

    So close...
  15. Thaddy Contributor
    Also, the "What Are You Listening To" thread can be a very valueable resource. Just think, if you change songs every 6 minute, then that means you could get in 240 posts every day!
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