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what do your Volex 17604 14awg cords say on the cord?

  1. TigzStudio
    hey there fellow head-fiers,

    im curious if i was sent the correct power cords I received today.

    I ordered 5 of the Volex 17604's (14awg) from carlton bates...and the invoice shows this correctly, but the writing on the cord says:

    "14-3 SJT (UL) E204241-C----CSA LL2126-C FT2 SHIELDED"

    is this what your 14awg Volex 17604 says on it too?

    any thoughts or help is appreciated!

    well they still sound pretty nice in the system anyway!
  2. grandenigma1 Contributor
    it is a 14awg shielded cable... sounds right to me [​IMG]

    I think you are good [​IMG]
  3. Zebra
    This is somewhat off-topic, but what does Carlton-Bates charge to ship the cables. I was told shipping would be charged after the order was shipped?
  4. TigzStudio
    yeh they kinda jack you on the shipping, oh well!..

    5 cords, priced 5.25 ea. = $26.25
    sales tax in CA = $3.04

    shipping & quote "special handling" = 10.65 (ouch)

    total for 5 cords = $39.94

    not too horrible.
  5. lan
    I was charged I believe like $15 for shipping for 22 cords. I told them to send the cheapest way but they didn't. It was sent UPS 2nd day air.

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