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What do you guys rip your music in?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by hear_the_sound, Sep 12, 2008.
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  1. terrymx Contributor
    I rip all my music to AAC 512kbs abr double pass, which resulting in the file usually being around 400kbs on average. It's not lossless, but it's impossible for me to tell difference from cd and it doesn't take up much less space than lossless.

    I don't like the sound characteristic of mp3 in lower bitrates.
  2. jonathanjong
    320kbpd AAC for my iPod and primary external HD. ALAC for my backup external HD.
  3. bidoux
    WMA loosless and FLAC level 5.
  4. CodeToad
    EAC ripping to FLAC.

    Even if I can't really tell the difference between 320 mp3 and FLAC, at least I feel better thinking I do.

    Space isn't really as much of an issue with hard drives on computers anymore.

    On portables I still use 320 mp3s.

    Even if I can't really tell the difference between 160 mp3 and 320 mp3, at least I feel better thinking I do.
  5. DLeeWebb Contributor

    Originally Posted by krmathis /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    I rip my music to Apple Lossless.
    * Lossless for the sake of mind. No need to worry if I loose out on something or not.
    * Supported everywhere I need it (iTunes, AirTunes, and iPod).

    Same here...
  6. Steve999
    I've evolved.

    I used to rip using MP3 generally between 160 and 220 kbps, with any mainstream ripper. These were pretty much transparent for me.

    Now I use CDex with the LAME 3.98 customized plug-in that pulls its settings from an ini file, at vbr preset -V 0. Cdex has very nice tagging and runs fast, but it handles LAME strangely unless you use the custom plugin. This will generally give me 180 to 250 kbps lame vbr mp3s. Fast, easy, geeky fun, and transparent for me for practical purposes.
  7. xxbaker
    i use alac mostly. some vbr mp3s also.
  8. joshd
    V0 or FLAC
  9. Lapwing
  10. xxsphshadowxx
    mp3 320
  11. Gurck
    EAC -> FLAC for my library

    library FLAC -> q6 ogg-vorbis for portable use
  12. rjp
    I use GRIP (cdparanoia with a GUI) to rip to FLAC for my library, fix tags when needed with Easytag, and then use metaflac to add cover art. Foobar2000 handles the ReplayGain tagging.

    A Perl script that I wrote autoconverts everything in my FLAC library to Ogg Vorbis. I'm using -q5 now for the quality setting, roughly 160 kbps.

    When I add something to the library, I can just run the script, and it'll skip over all the existing files and encode the new ones. Anything that isn't 16-bit/44.1 kHz gets dithered and resampled as well, and Rockbox-compatible (100x100) cover.bmp files get put into each Ogg folder. All tags are preserved in the Ogg files.
  13. demoNMaCHiN3
  14. roxxor
    FLAC and ALAC. Recently I've been converting all my FLACs to ALAC so I can add them to iTunes since it doesn't recognize FLAC. Stupid itunes.
  15. krmathis Contributor

    Originally Posted by roxxor /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    <snip<...so I can add them to iTunes since it doesn't recognize FLAC. Stupid itunes.

    Fluke [​IMG]
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