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What do you do while listening to music?

  1. Allegro maestoso
    For listening on speakers, I am at the computer surfing the web, pedaling my recumbent bike, or sorting/folding/hanging up laundry. When I'm plugged into my headphones, I do crossword puzzles (the pencil and paper kind) or play puzzle apps (mostly Two Dots) on my tablet. Rarely, when I can't sleep, I'll listen in the dark and not do anything else.

    How about all of you? Do you close your eyes and listen? Follow along with sheet music? Look out the window? Read books? I'm interested to hear about listening styles and preferences.
  2. Spareribs
    I’m now living in a situation where I can play my speakers anytime 24/7 so my listening room has windows completely blocked out with no sunlight. Listening in the dark is great.

    My other listening room which is my bedroom is finally set up with another set speakers too and I recently listened in the wee hours of the morning like 3 AM and it was great.
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  3. kkl10
    Anything but attentive reading.
  4. dhc0329
    E-cigarette goes quite well with music.
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  5. pstickne
    After over a decade of not listening to any personal music, I now listen to IEMs almost all day long; literally, 10+ hours.

    I started listening again as a way for me to 'ignore aspects of the work environment' while writing code. I find it easier to just 'let things go' when my ears are bombarded by these random noises some people call "music" :o2smile: (Also, people are less likely to pester me when they see I have my IEMs in..)

    I don't actually 'focus' on the music, as I'm a person who can't listen to conversation and read at the same time, and yet having really intricate and layered (vocals optional) music allows me to escape into a care-much-less zone.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  6. DamageInc77
    I read novels.

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