What do you all do with extra slack from your Headphones and IEM's?
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MightyFine Shindig

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Feb 15, 2010
I was just curious because, depending on where my DAP is located on my person, I've been wrapping the extra slack around my iPod. I know this isn't good at all but I usually either keep it in my jacket chest pocket (on the inside of the jacket) or in my pants pocket. Either way there is still some slack and I'm afraid that it might get caught on something or otherwise get in the way of movement. Also, microphonics is a bitca.

What does everyone else do?
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I just let it hang.
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I put my Dap in my pocket. Then I wrap up the cable and put it in a little thing that's on my coat. It's like an elastic. It keeps it close to me and I have enough room for my head to move.
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I just loosely stuff it in my pocket.
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If I am auditioning a pair of headphones ( not yet sure if they are for me), I just hang the slack behind my neck like with the long thick Grado cord. Granted I don't have to go in public with them. If I know I'm keeping them, I can't handle the extra slack it drives me nuts. So I loosely make a circle or maybe 2 circles depending on length, and put a twist tie or two to hold it. Not the prettiest solution but that's life. I'm sure some will say that is unhealthy for your cans..but I'm not talking winding tightly. I always wanted to get my Ultrasone hfi-780 cut to the right length for me when I had them, but glad I didn't cuz I eventually sold them. But if I found the " to die for" can and it had a long cable, I would probably have it shortened. Right now I have a coiled cable which I love being I always only use with my ipod/amp, makes for my perfect length. I've never had an Iem cable that was long enough to worry about.
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I typically put my dap in my hoodie pouch thing or my pants or shorts pocket. I just let it hang. From my pocket there isn't much spare cable so no issues but with the hoodie there is some but not overly so that it can cause concern. Also I have a shirt clip on all my iem's anyway so no issues there.
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Slack gets rolled up in a loop and tied with a velcro strap. Then it goes into my pocket along with the dap/amp. Most annoying so far: Audio-Technica ATH-M30. 11 feet of cord and 7.5 of them ended up in my pocket.

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