What could be a opposite to MHDT Havana?
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Feb 19, 2009
Good day everyone!
I have been enjoying Havana for couple of months now. It is the first DAC I ever tried, and Im loving it. However, as time goes by, I am starting to wonder what the other DACs would sound like. Especially, Im interested in non-NOS DACs this time, using upsampling or whatever digitalization they do. Many people say Havana is "musical." I want to try something that has completely different charicteristics to Havana.
The first thing comes to my mind is DAC1, but it is pretty older model when considering others around. Others could be Electrocompaniet (also old) or Abrahams(wrong spell?, not available), Belcanto and so on. But most of them cost over $1000.
Could anyone recommand me a DAC under $1000 (including used) to go against Havana?

One more thing to ask is, how do $500~ish DACs compared to upper priced DACs? is there going to be a huge SQ differences between them? say, compare between used DAC1 & new $400 Cambridge DAC.

Thanks for reading.
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try something that is easy to resell - i doubt you will be impressed in comparison to the havana

Its a very detailed unit, the paradisea is more 'musical' than the havana - its almost solid state in its sound

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