what connection is this?
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Jan 10, 2002
I am a little bummed just now. I purchased the PS Audio Power Punch power cable with a C7 connector as an up-grade to the PC on the Lunchbox II. Well it looks like a C7 connection but it's smaller! Does anyone know if there is an adapter to go from this small size to C& and what size is this connection on the LB II?
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So upon closer exam this morning what I found is the PS Audio cable has a keyed C-7 plug end, a square and a half-round, (I am sure this is standard,) and the Lunchbox II has two half-round openings one above and one below the poles so that's why the plug won't fit. Is there an adapter for this prob or shall I just round off the corners of the square?
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Round em off, should be easy with a file.
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Thanks jamess71 Took 10 seconds with my pocket knife. I learned the squared plug is for polarized application and the Lunchbox II is not polarized. It's all good now. I guess you learn something everyday!

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